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Book a Consultation

An Initial Consultation with one of our Consultant Vascular Specialists costs £250 and includes a Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan of your legs (for which other clinics charge up to £400).

During your consultation the consultant will:

PLEASE CALL US ON: 01782 753 960

Our Vascular Specialists
We only employ experienced vascular specialists who are consultants in the NHS and have undertaken large numbers of minimally invasive venous treatments. They will be interventional radiologists or surgeons. You may specify which consultant you wish to see.

You will see the same consultant throughout your treatment journey and so it is useful to note that:

As each consultant is based at only one clinic location, you are unable to switch locations once you have attended for a consultation without attending for (and paying for) a new consultation with another consultant. 
e.g. You are unable to have a consultation in London and treatment in Bristol
e.g. You are unable to have treatment in Nottingham and follow-up in London 

b) If your first appointment is on a certain day of the week (e.g. a Monday) it is likely (but not 100% certain) that all future appointments will also be on that day. Each consultant tends to commit to working with Veincentre on set days of the week alongside their commitments to the NHS. If you have set days you can attend please let us know on booking. 

Waiting Lists
We strive to avoid waiting lists and can normally fit you in for consultation and treatment within two weeks. Some times of the year are far more popular than others and particularly in late spring/ early summer there may be more difficulty accommodating you. The best time to organise treatment is in the autumn, winter or early spring. This leaves plenty of time for full recovery before the hot weather and causes least discomfort and inconvenience from wearing compression stockings.

Insured Patients
Important note for patients with private health insurance. You will have to obtain an authorisation number from your insurance company prior to attending for treatment. You can by all means book the appointment before you obtain the auth. no. but we will require it in advance of the appointment otherwise you will have to pay yourself on the day and it is unlikely that you will be able to get a refund from the insurer.

The insurers are becoming very reluctant to pay for varicose vein treatments. Despite having full recognition of all our clinics and all our consultants by all the major companies we frequently hear from patients that they have been told that our clinic is not recognised or the consultant is not recognised. They will often try to direct you to a local consultant who has no specialist interest in venous diseases. If you experience any difficulties getting the authorisation number from your insurer please phone us and we can normally quickly sort it out for you. Our office staff are highly experienced and very knowledgeable and are usually able to answer any questions you may have with confidence. If they are in any doubt they will ensure that one of our consultants personally and promptly responds to you.

If you are insured you will normally need to get a letter of referral from your GP in advance of the consultation but it is your right to have treatment by us without informing your GP. Please discuss any such requirements by phone.

Consultation and EVLA Treatment on the Same Day
For those patients travelling long distances it is usually possible to arrange treatment on the same day as the consultation. In order to book you in for treatment at the same time as consultation, prior to your appointment we require evidence you've got definite varicose veins indicating that you're highly likely to require EVLA treatment.

GP Referral
Before undergoing any treatment, it is preferable to have a formal letter of referral from your own doctor. You can attend consultation without having obtained a referral letter.

The letter of referral from your GP should be sent to Veincentre Head Office prior to your appointment or brought with you on the day. (Head Office: Unit 5 Lyme Vale Court, Parklands, Newcastle Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 6NW)

We have prepared a leaflet for you to take to your GP as they may be unfamiliar with EVLA and Foam Sclerotherapy. They may also not be aware that interventional radiologists accept referrals directly from GPs.

Previous Scans
If you possess images from previous medical investigations (e.g. Duplex ultrasound scans of veins) please feel free to bring these with you to the consultation.

Unfortunately we have had to introduce the payment of a non-refundable deposit for all patients on booking any appointment. We ask for a £100 deposit when booking an initial consultation, a £500 deposit when booking EVLA treatment and a £300 deposit for all other treatment appointments. The remaining balance is due on, or before, the day of your appointment.

For more information, please see FAQs: 

We offer a limited number of Saturday appointments at our Nottingham and Oxfordshire clinics. 

You are welcome to e-mail specific queries to us in advance of consultation. Please complete our Enquiry Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.