Varicose Vein Treatment Centre
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Why did you choose Veincentre?

Comments below are typical of what patients answer:

"You just do veins."

"You came across as honest."

"Your prices are by far the most reasonable."

"I liked being able to have the treatment at the same visit as the consultation."

"The staff I spoke to were so helpful and knew what they were talking about."

"You are very experienced. I got the impression that the other clinics I rang hadn't done many and I was a guinea pig."

"I went somewhere else first but having been told on the phone that it would be about £2,000 after my consultation and scan this somehow rocketed to £8,000!"

"Your reviews from other patients were the best and seemed genuine."

"I was impressed with your CQC reports."

These comments just about sum up why we've won the PATIENTS' CHOICE AWARD from Private Healthcare UK for the last 5 consecutive years.