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Yes, you can! This is particularly popular among patients who are travelling long distances.

To book you in for consultation and EVLA treatment on the same day, we will require an indication that you have definite Varicose Veins. Before booking the appointment, we will need either…

a) A duplex scan report showing reflux (if you have been seen previously elsewhere)

b) Confirmation from your GP that your veins are definitely varicose veins, not reticular veins or thread veins

c) Photos of your legs (which one of our specialists will assess)

Unfortunately, we insist on one of the above, because if it turns out that you aren’t suitable for treatment after all, the consultant and nurse will find themselves with large empty clinic slots.

If it’s not obvious that you have definite varicose veins, and hence we are unsure whether you’ll require EVLA, we will ask that you attend for consultation first and then attend again for treatment when we know exactly what treatment you require.

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