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Veincentre have negotiated separate rates with insurance companies all the NICE recommended treatments we provide. These differ in price from our published self-funding fees, which are fixed cost. Please disregard our self-funding price list.

We have treated many patients insured with Health Now.

Please find below advice regarding how to obtain authorisation for treatment at Veincentre. 

**All appointments at Veincentre as classed as OUTPATIENT**

How to obtain Authorisation for each Appointment:

Prior to attending for consultation, you will require a referral letter from your own doctor (GP). Health Now are extremely unlikely to authorise a consultation and scan without one. Please let Veincentre know the authorisation number for consultation and your Health Now membership number.

Following your consultation, Veincentre will inform you of the treatment code/s (OPCS) that you need to give to Health Now in order for them to authorise treatment.

You will need to obtain further authorisation for your follow up which must include authorisation for any treatment you may undergo at this appointment e.g. Foam Sclerotherapy Injections. The follow-up will include a repeat scan to ensure that the EVLA treatment has worked successfully.

We will advise you of the treatment code/s (OPCS) that need to provide Health Now in order for them to authorise treatment at your follow-up. .

Should Health Now not authorise any follow up treatment then, unfortunately, you will need to pay for all future appointments yourself at our Fixed Cost Prices. Please see our Price List.

If we do not receive the appropriate authorisation code/s prior to your appointment you will be asked to pay in full for the appointment and any treatment undertaken on the day.

Can I have Consultation and Treatment on the Same Day? 

Unfortunately, if you wish to pay through your Health Now insurance, you cannot attend for Consultation and Treatment on the same day as Health Now need to know the exact treatment you require before providing authorisation.

Problems getting Authorisation?

If you have any problems obtaining authorisation, then please call our Head Office on 01782 753 960 with your membership number and we will endeavour to deal with this on your behalf.