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Case Study: Carole

Medical PA walks down the aisle pain free after varicose vein treatment.

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How did varicose veins affect Carole?

Carole Brown worked as a medical PA in paediatrics for over twenty years at her local hospital and had “old fashioned surgery” as she refers to it, to remove her varicose veins which unfortunately re-occurred.

After enduring excruciating pain and unsightly veins on her legs for years Carole decided to seek the help of the UK’s largest vein specialists, Veincentre in Newcastle upon Tyne where she met Consultant Interventional Radiologist Dr Mark Regi, who she described as “a lovely guy who explained everything very clearly.”


What gave Carole the push to have her veins treated?

Carole admits that she was apprehensive about seeking varicose veins treatment but the thought of being in this much discomfort on her wedding day gave her the impetus to go ahead. Carole said she certainly didn’t want to go through the stripping surgery again so was delighted that there was a more effective non-invasive option.


What treatment did Carole undergo at Veincentre Newcastle upon Tyne?

Carole attended the Newcastle Clinic and had a consultation and scan followed by a second appointment which lasted 90 minutes for treatment with Dr Mark Regi.  Carole had Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and sclerotherapy on both legs and is thrilled with the outcome of the treatment.

“I’d certainly recommend Veincentre to anyone suffering with varicose veins” said Carole.


How have things been for Carole since her treatment?

I wanted to make sure my legs were better for my wedding in Jamaica. I boarded the plane pain free, and was able to walk down the aisle without any discomfort. I’m over the moon!”

Carole recalls how she had one very big vein on her inside thigh which has now completely disappeared but prior to that it would cause so much pain especially during the night that she would often wake up in agony.

Carole took early retirement due to arthritis in her spine and now thoroughly enjoys going for long walks with her husband in her seaside village hometown in the North East, walking along the promenade and visiting her grown up children who live nearby.


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