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Spider Veins on the Face

The below content has been medically reviewed and approved by Vein Specialist Mrs Helen Burndred at Veincentre.

Last reviewed 1st October 2022.

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Spider veins on the face are broken blood vessels, but you will most likely hear them be referred to as ‘spider veins’. Spider veins form in the face when the capillaries in the skin become dilated, enlarged, and emerge just below the surface of the skin.

Thread veins on the face are a different matter to those on the legs. They do not require scanning and are best treated by thermocoagulation (AKA Thermavein™).

What causes burst blood vessels on the face?

The most common reasons for spider veins on the face are damaged, aging skin and poor blood circulation, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun, weather changes, pregnancy, genetics and alcohol consumption. However, there are many other reasons why this may occur, and they can develop at any age.

How can you prevent spider veins on the face?

There is not a huge amount you can do to minimise the chances of developing facial thread veins. However, you can do the following to help reduce the likelihood of developing facial thread veins. These include avoiding weather extremes (hot or cold) and using SPF sun cream to protect yourself. If you do find spider veins on your face after a day in the sun, a cold compress can reduce the redness.

What is the best treatment for spider veins on the face?

Thermocoagulation (Thermavein™- the brand name of the machine used to perform Thermocoagulation) is the best treatment to treat thread veins on the face.

Thermavein uses a microscopic needle to penetrate the skin just over the thread vein, administering heat to close it off. You will feel a slight pricking sensation as the needle goes in and as the energy is delivered. Several treatment sessions may be required – after each, the treated veins disappear instantly, and you can go back to normal activities without restrictions. However, there will be a degree of redness and inflammation around the treated areas. This should settle within several days although could take up to a few weeks.

Microsclerotherapy should not be used to treat facial thread veins.

At Veincentre, we currently offer thermocoagulation at Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Southampton, Exeter, Norwich and Cambridge.

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