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Thread Vein Treatment Prices

For patients with thread veins or small varicose veins on the legs, the most common treatment is either microsclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy.

For patients with thread veins on the face, the most common treatment is thermocoagulation.

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Self-Funding Thread Vein Leg Treatment

All our prices are fixed per session and include both the clinic and consultant fee. You will receive one invoice only from Veincentre.

If you have medical insurance, please disregard our self-funding prices.


Stage Treatment Fixed Package
1 Consultation & Scan £250
2 Foam Sclerotherapy Initial Session £750
Microsclerotherapy Initial Session (one or both legs) including stockings £420
Class II Compression Stockings £60
3 Basic Follow up (no treatment included) £100
4 Additional sessions Sclerotherapy (if required) £360


Depending on the extent of your veins and how you respond to the initial session of injections, you may need to return for further treatment. It is common to need more than one session of injections.

Why is a duplex ultrasound scan required?

Prior to commencing thread vein treatment, it is important to have a scan rule out an underlying cause of the veins. If an underlying cause is detected (i.e. reflux in the feeder veins), we would strongly recommend this to be treated first, because we want to ensure that your treatment lasts. If the cause is left untreated, any thread vein treatment carried out may not be successful. An analogy we use is that if you have a leaking pipe, you can mop up the water on the floor, but if you don’t fix the leak at its source, the water will keep on returning.

See our prices for varicose vein treatment plans.

What is a session?

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a chemical substance into your body, so there is a safety limit restricting how many veins we can inject in one session. We would love to continue injecting until we’ve treated all the veins, but once we have reached the safety limit, we must stop injecting. How many sessions a patient requires depends entirely on how many veins you need treating and how well your veins respond to the treatment (some veins may need injecting more than once).

At your consultation, we will give you a good idea of how many sessions you’re likely to require, based on our past patients’ experiences. In addition, prior to committing to a consultation, you’re welcome to send us some images of your legs, for us to then send on to a consultant for review.

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    Facial Thread Vein Treatment


    Treatment Fixed Package
    Consultation £100
    Thermocoagulation Initial Session £200
    Thermocoagulation Additional Sessions (if required) £200
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