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Varicose Vein Treatment Prices

We aim for our prices to be as clear as possible. All our self-funding prices are upfront and fixed. They include both the clinic and consultant fee. We have no “from” prices or hidden fees.


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Self-Funding Varicose Veins Treatment

The total costs involved in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins are outlined below. If you have varicose veins, the primary treatment plan is likely to be either Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) or Foam Sclerotherapy.

If you have medical insurance, please disregard our self-funding prices and refer to our Medical Insurance section.

EVLA as Primary Treatment

Stage Treatment Price
1 Consultation & Scan £250
2 EVLA Unilateral (One Leg – all veins) £1995
EVLA Bilateral (Both Legs – all veins) £2695
3 Initial Follow up (including Sclerotherapy session) £300
Total Unilateral Total £2545
Bilateral Total £3245
4 Additional Sclerotherapy Session (if required)* £360

*Depending on the extent of your veins and how you respond to the initial session of injections, you may need to return for further treatment after your initial follow-up, stage 4. Alternatively, the consultant may recommend you undergo sclerotherapy alongside EVLA.

We charge the same for EVLA whether a patient has one refluxing vein or multiple refluxing veins per leg needing treatment. We do not charge a patient with one refluxing vein more than necessary but rather if you have multiple veins you are not being charged more unnecessarily.

The reason we don’t charge a patient more for EVLA if they have multiple veins is that our overheads do not increase by much. The consumables are the same; one EVLA procedure pack is used irrelevant to the number of veins needing treatment, and the consultant is paid the same for the case. The only main difference is the time it takes for the procedure. Most of the procedure time is prep before and after the procedure which is the same irrespective of how many veins need treating.

Yes, we could justifiably charge a greater fee for patients with more veins needing EVLA but we don’t want to because our overheads do not justify increasing costs. For patients with multiple varicose vein sources, we’d rather make slightly less profit on that case than charge them more when they are already disadvantaged by having worse problems. This does not however mean you are being charged more if you have one vein in each leg, simply those with multiple are not being charged excessively.

We will never unnecessarily inflate our prices even if other providers feel it’s reasonable to charge per vein.

For the exact same reasoning, if you have veins on both legs we do not charge the Unilateral EVLA fee twice. We charge a premium to cover the additional fees (e.g. consultant costs, consumables, procedure time) incurred in treating two legs not one, but these additional fees are not double. Most of the procedure time is prep before and after the procedure which is the same irrespective of how many veins on one or both legs need treating.

If, due to the extent of your varicose veins, it is not possible to undertake EVLA in one sitting. Very occasionally, we need to do EVLA over 2 sessions and we charge the Unilateral fee twice. This occurs for less than 1% of our patients.

The other varying price for patients with more extensive veins is the number of sessions of foam sclerotherapy (or avulsions) required to treat all the visible varicosities. The more visible veins you have the more likely you are to need multiple sessions of injections due to the safety limit restricting how much sclerotherapy can be injected in one sitting.


Foam Sclerotherapy as Primary Treatment (e.g. if EVLA not required)

If EVLA is not required, Foam Sclerotherapy is often the first-line treatment.

Stage Treatment Price
1 Consultation & Scan £250
2 Foam Sclerotherapy (First session on one or both legs) including stockings £750
Total £1000
3 Reassessment Follow up OR Additional Sclerotherapy Session (if required) £100 OR £360

Depending on the extent of your veins and how you respond to the initial session of injections, you may need to return for further treatment.

If VAT is payable it will be outlined on the price list. For the majority of our procedures, VAT is not charged. We charge VAT on our cosmetic procedures, i.e. procedures aimed purely to improve the cosmetic appearance of thread veins and reticular varicose veins. The procedures affected are Thermocoagulation and Microsclerotherapy Injections and further sclerotherapy sessions.

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