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Case Study: Alison

Fashionista Influencer “Totes Inappropes” learns to love her legs.


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Alison, also known as influencer “Totes Inappropes” is a busy mum of three and a fashion guru with followers on her Facebook account of more than 170,000 people from across the UK.

Alison is loved for her honest accounts of daily life and her funny and inspiring anecdotes that keep people smiling, laughing out loud and able to share their own personal experiences.


Alison’s thread veins treatment journey…

Recently Alison shared that despite her love of new clothes, fashion trends and bright colours, something she’s always hidden, often under wonderfully flamboyant trousers is that she hates her legs.  Alison said: “I’ve always hated my legs and couldn’t even look at them.  My ankles didn’t even see the light of day.”

Alison started to notice about fifteen years ago that thread veins were appearing on her legs, blue, purple and dark red which put an end to ever showing them out in public.  Even when running she would cover up with thick leggings regardless of the weather.

After years of hiding her legs, Alison decided to get treated at Manchester’s leading vein specialists, Veincentre, and was amazed at how she could actually see the veins disappear in front of her eyes.

“I had a procedure which is called foam sclerotherapy where the thread veins are injected with a medicine and I’m so pleased that I videoed the whole thing as it really is amazing to see them vanish.  When I shared this on social media the feedback was amazing and it took me all night to reply to everyone! I couldn’t believe how many people felt and still feel the same way as me.  I hope I’ve given people the confidence and encouragement to have a go too.”

“I think I’ll always have insecurities about parts of my body and if we’re honest most of us do too.  What’s important is that we embrace them.  I believe in doing what makes you happy. Choosing to sort things out instead of grinning and bearing it (or hiding it). My legs are my legs. I can’t change the shape of them. They won’t ever be long and graceful but they’re about as good as they can be. Life’s too short. Do what makes you happy or choose to sort the things out that are making you unhappy. The only small injustice was having to wear surgical stockings for a week but it was all totally worth it.” said Alison.

Dr. Ananth Krishnan (Consultant Interventional Radiologist), who treated Alison at Veincentre Manchester, said: “There are so many people out there hiding their legs and thinking that there isn’t anything they can do about it and it’s brilliant that Alison is sharing her journey. It was great to meet Alison and to see how pleased she’s been with the end result.”

Click here to read Alison’s latest Facebook post on her thread veins treatment journey.

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