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Case Study: Berenice

Town Clerk says vein treatment was “worth every penny”.

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What led Berenice to seek treatment for her veins?

Retired Town Clerk of Beccles in East Anglia, Berenice, had suffered for years with varicose eczema and after hearing she’d be on the NHS waiting list for 18 months, she decided that she didn’t want to wait a minute longer.

Berenice loves walking her dog and making celebration cakes for friends and family, and was concerned that if she didn’t get her varicose eczema treated they would continue to get worse and turn into an ulcer.


How did did varicose veins and subsequent varicose eczema affect Berenice?

“I’d tried so many creams and steroid creams but they were just temporary fixes and stopped the itch. As soon as I stopped the cream, the problems just came back. My eczema had got so bad that it had started to weep” said Berenice.

“I remember struggling to sleep the night before I went to Veincentre and was absolutely petrified about the whole procedure, but I really shouldn’t have been. I came away from the appointment feeling so thankful and amazed at how well I’d been treated and how everything was explained to me so clearly. It also helped that my husband was able to be with me. It really was a first class service and worth every penny.”


What treatment did Berenice undergo at Veincentre?

Berenice attended the Norwich clinic and had EVLA & sclerotherapy on one leg with Mr Delbridge.

Mr Delbridge, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Veincentre Norwich said: “When Berenice came back for her follow up appointment it was absolutely wonderful to see her fantastic results, she had responded so well to her treatment and I wish her all the best in the future.”


How are things for Berenice after varicose vein treatment?

Berenice has pledged to spread the word about her treatment journey and has already recommended Veincentre to one of her neighbours.

Berenice is now looking forward to making many more novelty birthday cakes, walking her lovely dog with her husband and enjoying her retirement.

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