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Case Study: Caroline

Varicose vein relief for journalist after 25+ years of suffering.

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When did Caroline develop varicose veins?

Journalist Caroline, suffered with varicose veins for over 25 years, and after undergoing surgical stripping in 2003 which then led to recurrence of the veins, she came to Veincentre for help to get rid of her varicose veins for good.

Caroline developed varicose veins during her first pregnancy, at the age of 28. There is a common misconception that varicose veins only affect older people, however they can affect anybody and are also quite common in pregnancy. This is due to the increase in pressure on the venous system caused by the growing baby pressing on the blood vessels in the pelvis.

Varicose veins can also be hereditary. Caroline’s mother suffered with them, which made Caroline more likely to develop them too.


Did Caroline seek treatment for her veins?

After her fourth baby, she began to experience symptoms such as the legs feeling hot and uncomfortable. She was referred to her local hospital and underwent surgical stripping. This procedure is the old-fashioned method of treating varicose veins and requires general anaesthetic. The surgery is highly invasive compared to the minimally invasive, gold standard treatments that we offer at Veincentre.


How were things for Caroline after the stripping procedure?

Unfortunately, a few years after the procedure, Caroline began to experience problems with her veins again, experiencing both varicose veins and thread veins. Caroline said: “I began to get pins and needles in my left foot and noticed a dark blue vein had popped up in my ankle. My leg throbbed from thigh to toe and my foot felt as though it was bursting.”

Not only was she suffering with symptoms, but the cosmetic had an effect on her self-confidence, leading to her keeping her legs covered during the summer no matter how hot the weather, and applying makeup and fake tan to keep them hidden.

What did Caroline decide to do to get her veins sorted once and for all?

Caroline made the decision to visit our London clinic, and Miss Nung Rudarakanchana carried out a colour duplex ultrasound scan to be able to confirm which treatment Caroline needed.

The scan confirmed the recurrence following her previous treatment, and she was recommended to undergo endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) and sclerotherapy.


How was treatment for Caroline, and how have things been for her since?

Caroline came back to the clinic and Miss Rudarakanchana carried out EVLA followed by foam sclerotherapy to treat the visible varicosities. She then required microsclerotherapy to treat her thread veins, which she had done at the follow up appointment six weeks later. She required a further session of sclerotherapy following this which she had done some weeks following her follow up appointment. Caroline said: “After only one session of microsclerotherapy, the result after six weeks even with the bruising is a spectacular improvement. The ugly purple splashes have gone and I no longer feel self conscious.”

Caroline is overjoyed with the results of her treatment, both for the cosmetic and symptomatic relief. She has regained her confidence and wears shorts with pride.

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