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Case Study: David Brewer

Biker David sets off to Cape Verde in shorts thanks to vein treatment.

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David Brewer from Nottingham was so embarrassed by his varicose veins that he hid his legs from his girlfriend and wouldn’t wear shorts around the house.


What does David do in his spare time and for work?

David spends a lot of his time on his feet as he works as a plant fitter working with bulldozers and using heavy machinery. In his spare time David used to ride motorbikes although he’s now swapped his biking hobby to make room for exotic holidays to Montenegro and Cape Verde with his partner Sara.


How did varicose veins affect David?

“I suffered with varicose veins for over 30 years and even though they were uncomfortable I’d just got used to them, it was more about how they looked that bothered me as I was so embarrassed about them.” David said.

“I wish I’d done it years ago but I guess I wouldn’t have thought I could have afforded private treatment and wasn’t aware that there’s the option for a payment plan.”


What treatment did David undergo?

David attended the Veincentre Nottingham clinic, where he had EVLA and sclerotherapy on both legs and was treated by Mr Duncan Drury, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Veincentre.

When asked how he found the treatment David added: “The treatment itself was brilliant and it really was a walk in walk out treatment. A friend of mine had his legs treated on the NHS years back and had to take six weeks off work which was just not an option for me.”

“The hardest thing for me was wearing the compression stockings when there was a heatwave here in the UK. I just couldn’t wait till I could get them off and wear shorts for the first time without feeling self-conscious.”


How are things for David now?

David and his partner Sara after getting back from Montenegro in the summer booked to go to Cape Verde in December 2022, and enjoyed sitting back with healthy veins and happy leg and experiencing Christmas Day in 28 degree sunshine.

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