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Case Study: Debbie

Florist Debbie is overjoyed to be free from varicose veins after 16 years.

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When did Debbie develop varicose veins and what ?

Debbie Clarke, from Consett near Newcastle, is a florist and manager of a portfolio of holiday lets across the North East. She had varicose veins for 16 years and noticed over time that they were getting bigger. Thankfully, they had never really caused her any pain or discomfort, but she didn’t like the look of them. After the birth of her third son, she noticed that cosmetically they were even more unsightly. She decided to book a consultation at our Newcastle clinic, and she hasn’t looked back since.


How did Debbie find her treatment experience?

“I have a big fear of needles and don’t even like going to the dentist, so it was such a big thing for me to book in at Veincentre and have treatment on my veins. Dr Regi and the lovely nurse Wendy at Veincentre kept me at easy the entire time and were so good at making me feel calm and in safe hands” said Debbie.

“I’m just so pleased I’m finally rid of them and have recommended Veincentre to anyone who listens.”


What treatment did Debbie have?

Debbie received endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) on both legs as well as sclerotherapy with Dr Regi at the Newcastle clinic which is just a short drive from Newcastle Quayside.

EVLA was recommended to Debbie to fix the underlying cause of her veins and restore healthy blood flow to her legs, with foam sclerotherapy treating the visible veins.

Are varicose veins hereditary?

Varicose veins run in Debbie’s family and after having her treatment, Debbie’s brother, sister and 21 year old son are now all booked in to have their legs treated. Varicose veins are often a hereditary condition – if a family member suffers with them, it does mean you are more likely to develop them too.

Debbie said: “my son, even though he’s just 21 had a very big varicose vein at the back of his leg which was twice the thickness it should be, so I’m delighted we knew about Veincentre before it caused any further complications.”


How have things been for Debbie since her treatment?

When she’s not busy arranging stunning boquets or managing her Airbnb properties, Debbie enjoys riding horses and going to the gym which she can now do without having to worry about covering up her unsightly varicose veins.

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