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Case Study: Gillian

Doting grandmother who suffered with bleeding varicose veins finds a new lease of life after treatment.

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How did varicose veins affect Gillian?

Gillian Hawkins from Swadlincote loves to lead a busy life, working as a receptionist at Ashby Leisure Centre, looking after her four gorgeous grandchildren and also caring for her dad. Unfortunately she was stopped in her tracks earlier this year when one of her lumpy varicose veins burst in front of her colleagues and customers resulting in losing a lot of blood.


How long has Gillian suffered with varicose veins?

Gillian has had varicose veins for all of her adult life and remembers having them even before having children. Gillian said: “I had them stripped on the NHS many years ago but they just came back. After the embarrassment of them bursting at work I decided that I needed to get something done about them and booked into Veincentre.”



What treatment did Gillian have?

Gillian was treated at the Nottingham clinic where she had EVLA on both legs and foam sclerotherapy with Dr Mark Regi. Gillian had an initial consultation and scan to get to the route cause of her veins, so they wouldn’t return.

Gillian said: “I’ve already recommended Veincentre to one of my friends who has varicose veins and told them that the treatment and stockings are absolutely fine. There’s no recovery time too which was great for me as I like to keep busy.”


How have things been for Gillian since her treatment?

“I was always terrified that my veins were going to burst and I often felt sharp twinges and a pulsing sensation which was awful. Thankfully that’s all in the past now and my legs are so much better with no more lumpy veins to worry about. I can’t thank Veincentre enough for their help. It really has been life changing for me and I’m over the moon” added Gillian.

In her spare time Gillian enjoys yoga, gardening, baking and spending time with all her family which thankfully she can now do without the worry of her veins in the back of her mind.

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