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Case Study: Jessica

Meet Jessica, a 56 year old inspirational trans girl with “Tina Turner” legs and buckets of bravery.

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Meet Jessica

Jessica is a full time carer and dance teacher whose ambition in life is to leave footprints for others to follow.

Jessica lives in a small town in Wales with two horses and her partner of over 25 years but she’s always known her life wasn’t how it was meant to be. Jessica has waited 20 years to pluck up the courage to be the person she was always meant to be and to transition from male to female.Ā  Isolation gave Jessica the impetus to embark on her transition and the bravery to be who she always wanted to be!

Why did Jessica seek varicose veins treatment?

Jessica has never had long hair before so is having to teach herself how to use bobbles and put on make up and for 20 years has always had huge varicose veins popping out of both her legs like stilton cheese.Ā  As a man she never wore shorts but didn’t think she needed to do anything about them despite them getting worse as she got older.

During her transition over the past 12 months she longed to wear skirts and dresses appropriate for her age so decided to pluck up the courage and get them removed.

What treatment did Jessica undergo at Veincentre?

Jessica underwent treatment using laser technology (EVLA) as well as foam sclerotherapy – she couldn’t believe that it only took 2 hours and she now has gorgeous “Tina Turner” legs as she likes to call them.Ā  She is still on her transition journey and is hoping to have elocution lessons for her voice. She’s started a Facebook group to teach dance classes and when life returns to a new normal hopes to work again on cruise ships teaching people to dance.Ā  She hopes by sharing her story she’ll give others the courage to follow their dreams and to embrace life.

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