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Case Study: Kirsty

Dog walking business off to a flying start thanks to vein treatment.

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How did varicose veins affect Kirsty’s day to day life?

Kirsty Wilkes has always loved dogs, especially her cocker spaniel Flora. But before having her varicose veins treated at Veincentre, walking Flora each day was a real struggle so she never thought she’d be able to start her dream dog walking business, “Auntie Kirsty Dog Walkers”.


When did Kirsty develop varicose veins?

For many years, Kirsty was a hairdresser in Birmingham, often spending several hours a day on her feet but thankfully her legs never caused her problems until she had her children. Pregnancy can worsen varicose veins due to the increase in pressure on the venous system. When Kirsty had her two children she decided to hang her cutting scissors up and be a stay at home mum, doing the occasional haircut for friends and family.

After the birth of second child, Kirsty recalls that for over 10 years afterwards she was in excruciating pain on the right side of her pelvis and despite several physio sessions and visits to her GP she was still in agony.


What led Kirsty to begin looking into treatment?

Kirsty considered going private for years but was always put off by the cost. Kirsty said: “the pain was affecting my life so much and restricting me from doing all the things I loved that I decided it was time to look into the options. As well as the pain I was so embarrassed by my varicose veins that I only went swimming when I could be sure that there were not many people around as I was so self-conscious.”


What treatment did Kirsty undergo at Veincentre?

Kirsty attended the Birmingham clinic with Dr Deepak Vishwanath and had EVLA and Foam Sclerotherapy on both legs.


How are things for Kirsty since having treatment?

Going on holiday abroad is now something that Kirsty is embracing and has booked a trip to Majorca with her family which she’s really looking forward to. “For me the pain was unbearable and I was amazed at how quickly the pain went immediately after the treatment. I did get bruising afterwards and bad pain a few days after the treatment but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend everyone who suffers with varicose veins to do this. As I’m sure everyone says I just wish I’d done it years ago.”

Kirsty said: “I’m now looking forward to the future where I can go for extra-long walks with my dogs, swim without a care and enjoy holidays with my family.”


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