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Case Study: Lauren

Venous ulcer healed in just 1 week thanks to vein treatment.

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How long did Lauren suffer with varicose veins for and what gave her the push to have treatment?

Lauren, aged 34 from Cockermouth, was just 15 when she first noticed varicose veins on the back of her legs, but suffering with health anxiety meant that she didn’t seek help for over 15 years.

Despite struggling to walk and feeling burning sensations, Lauren avoided getting her legs treated but became increasingly concerned about the ulcer that appeared. Once she realised that the ulcer was as a result of her varicose veins, she knew it was time to get them treated.


How was the treatment process for Lauren?

Lauren said: “I suffer with anxiety and even when I went to Veincentre I delayed my treatment from January through to April as I was so anxious about getting them done. I’m so glad that I eventually did it and Dr Mark Regi and Hazel looked after me so well. Hazel was awesome at keeping me calm and although the needles were uncomfortable I didn’t feel a thing with the laser treatment. I was constantly picking my ulcer at home which didn’t help but now I’m over the moon that it’s gone. The ulcer healed after just 1 week and I can now get back to doing all the things I enjoy without being in any pain or discomfort.”


How and why do venous ulcers occur?

Venous ulcers can come about as a result of poor blood flow in the leg veins, due to the one-way valves inside the vein failing and allowing blood to travel in the wrong direction. The skin can become damaged over time and can be made fragile by the pressure inside the vein, eventually leading to venous ulcers.

What is the recommended treatment for a venous ulcer?

Lauren travelled from Cockermouth in Cumbria to the Newcastle clinic where she had EVLA on both legs and sclerotherapy.

Dr Mark Regi, who treated Lauren said: “It’s important with venous ulcers to address the underlying venous reflux. We do this by closing the veins on the surface of the leg that is causing the swelling. This is best done with Endovenous Laser Ablation and foam sclerotherapy.”

Fixing the underlying condition using EVLA allows the ulcer to heal due to the restoration of the healthy blood flow. Any visible veins can then be treated using foam sclerotherapy.


How are things for Lauren since treatment?

Lauren works in a kitchen baking and spends most of her days on her feet and is delighted that she can now go back to baking cakes, swimming in her local leisure centre and taking part in pub quizzes with her friends.

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