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Case Study: Peter

Peter, aged 72 from Nottingham, spends much of his time playing golf, walking, keeping fit and attending prestigious weddings and presentations as Master of Ceremonies.

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When did Peter’s varicose veins start to affect him?

Three years ago, Peter’s varicose veins started to be more noticeable and cause an irritation but he was determined to not let them stop him from doing all the things he loves.

Over time, varicose veins get worse and can lead to symptoms, such as aching, itching, throbbing, burning as well as tiredness and restless legs. This is because the pressure inside the vein is increased as a result of the blood flowing in both directions.

Unfortunately, varicose veins won’t get better without treatment, as the faulty valve which is allowing the blood to flow in the incorrect direction (i.e. back down towards the feet) cannot fix itself. A vein containing faulty valves, that is not allowing the blood to efficiently flow in the correct direction, is a hindrance to the blood flow and no longer has any use to the body. Undergoing EVLA treatment will restore healthy blood flow back to the legs, and foam sclerotherapy fixes the visible veins if needed.


How did Peter discover Veincentre?

After researching treatments for varicose veins he stumbled across Veincentre’s website and decided to give us a call and book an appointment for his nearest clinic.

“When I spoke to Veincentre I was very impressed with how professional they were and how quickly they understood my needs. They talked me through the whole procedure and I was confident that I was in good hands.” said Peter.


What treatment did Peter undergo?

Peter attended the Nottingham clinic and was under the care of Dr Mark Regi, Consultant Interventional Radiologist & Training and Education Lead. The first stage was a consultation and colour duplex ultrasound scan, which confirmed that he had varicose veins in both legs. The recommended treatment was EVLA on both legs and foam sclerotherapy.

Peter then came back to the clinic at a later date to undergo the treatment, and had to wear compression stockings for one week as part of the treatment aftercare.

He returned to the clinic six weeks later, where he underwent a small amount of foam sclerotherapy to tidy up the remaining visible veins.

Peter said that he was delighted with the results and smooth skin. His symptoms had resolved entirely and from a cosmetic perspective, he had a great outcome.

Dr Mark Regi said: “Peter was a wonderful patient and was full of praise for the treatment that he received which is great to hear. He responded very well to the treatment and we wish him all the best in the future.”


How are things for Peter now?

In addition to working as a Master of Ceremonies, Peter also works in his local supermarket two days a week and plays golf, so certainly lives life to the full.

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