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Case Study: Rita

“Julia Bradbury inspired me not to give up on my camping dreams despite being 73 with unbearably painful legs.”

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Meet Rita

73-year-old camping enthusiast from Sheffield who was in so much pain and discomfort with her venous eczema and bulging veins that she thought she’d have to put her dream campervan up for sale and put a stop to her retirement plans.

After ten years of putting up with the pain and several trips to the GP, the final straw was when Rita poured her heart out to her local doctor and explained how this condition was affecting her quality of life. Rita was struggling to sleep with the pain, and it was affecting her overall confidence, the only solution the doctor gave her was some cream for the eczema.

“Enough was enough,” thought Rita. After watching her dad suffer with leg ulcers, she really didn’t want her veins to get any worse.


Why did Rita choose Veincentre?

When Rita was looking on the internet for a reputable vein clinic, she came across Veincentre and was impressed with the website, especially when she spotted that Julia Bradbury had her veins treated at one of their many nationwide clinics, and how she felt their approach to treatment was honest and transparent. She said: “Julia is a camper like me, and I just liked how she says it how it is. I then thought to myself if it’s good enough for Julia then it’s good enough for me.”

Rita booked into the Veincentre in Nottingham and was treated by Dr Mark Regi, who is very pleased with Rita’s results. After the first procedure, Rita was amazed at how quickly the pain went away and she could actually have a good night’s sleep without the awful cramps and constant pain.

Rita received treatment on both legs using EVLA (endovenous laser ablation), which is the Gold Standard treatment as recommended by NICE (the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence).

“My only regret is that I wish I’d done this sooner,” said Rita.

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