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Case Study: Vickey

Vickey knew from working as a nurse that her heavy achy legs needed to be treated but spent years covering them up with thick tights and trousers in the hope that they’d just disappear.

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Why do people with varicose veins get symptoms?

Working for long hours standing on her feet in Covid, chest and diabetes wards in a Manchester hospital certainly didn’t help and Vickey would often remember the pain when she eventually got home and could put her feet up. Symptoms associated with varicose veins develop over time. Veins carry blood back to the heart. Inside the veins are valves that prevent blood flowing back to the feet. When those valves fail, blood refluxes inside of the vein causing excess pressure within the veins which leads to symptoms such as pain, itching and burning.

Varicose veins are more common or worse in professions that stand still for long periods of time such as teachers, nurses, hairdressers. Veins should work against gravity and failing veins are worse if you add gravity into the equation meaning standing still for long periods of time. 


What pushed Vickey to contact us?

Going on holiday was often uncomfortable as Vickey was too self-conscious to wear shorts no matter how hot the weather was. It was when she was driving to work one day that she heard a Veincentre radio advert and she knew that it’s something she should do.

What treatment did Vickey undergo at Veincentre?

Vickey attended the Manchester clinic and saw Mr Dominic Dodd, Consultant Vascular Surgeon. After her consultation and colour duplex ultrasound scan, it became clear that Vickey would need EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) and foam sclerotherapy on both legs. EVLA firstly fixed the underlying cause of her varicose veins (faulty valves inside the veins), restoring healthy blood flow to the legs and getting rid of the symptoms she was experiencing. Foam sclerotherapy then treated the visible veins and in turn helped Vickey to regain her self confidence.

“I love to do lots of walking with my dogs and I didn’t want my achey legs to put a stop to that. I absolutely love the results and I’m looking forward to my next holiday where I can wear shorts and show off my legs.”

We are delighted that Vickey is happy with the outcome of her treatment and that not only is she symptom-free, she is able to wear shorts without feeling self-conscious.

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