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Letters of Thanks

The following are full transcripts of LETTERS OF THANKS:

“I am writing to thank you for the recent treatment to my leg veins. Some years ago I had similar problems with my other leg and had injections and surgery as an inpatient in hospital. The process was uncomfortable, the recovery time was lengthy and I still have scars. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment you offer as it is still relatively new in this country but decided to give it a try. 

From the explanation you gave me on my first visit and the comprehensive paperwork about the procedure, to my check up visit yesterday, everything went exactly as was predicted. The operation itself was nothing like as uncomfortable as I thought it might be and the friendliness of everyone there made it almost interesting to follow. The best thing was being able to go straight home and carry on as normal. As you predicted, slight pain/soreness on the fifth day (and the bandage felt tight at the end of the week) but nothing more than that. I was amazed at how painless the whole thing was and would recommend the procedure to anyone- so much better than going into hospital. I also appreciated the phone call after a few days to ask how I felt and if I had any problems ( I didn’t of course).    

Although I could have simply written a short “Thank you” I felt by going into some detail you may show this letter to anyone who may be a little hesitant.
Many thanks again.” 

"Dear Dr. West and Helen,

I just wanted to thank you both for the careful attention you gave me during both of my treatments. I feel confident now that there is going to be marked improvement in the appearance of my legs.

I was most concerned about the incident with the bed and I do sincerely hope that you are alright Helen? Please forgive my outburst of laughter. It was a form of hysteria I think and I really was not laughing at you. I realise that the outcome would have been quite serious for you. I was full of admiration that you completed my treatment even though you were in discomfort.

Anyway, thank you both once again.

Best wishes"

"Thank you all for a great service and a great result! Very happy to be returning to Peru on Tuesday with what feels like new legs! Thankful."

"To Dr West and staff!
So pleased with the outcome of my treatment. Thank you so much for stopping behind to treat me too."

"Dear Dr West,

I have enclosed a letter complimenting 2 team members and general staff which is self-explanatory.

If you ever require recommendations to anyone or if anyone would like to talk to someone (me) who has had work done, then please feel free to give them my address and/or phone number.

I have not a clue yet as to the existence now or otherwise of my varicose veins. To me, it doesn’t matter so much as the 'intent' to disperse them, as shown by Dr Krishnan and Helen Burndred.

If I end up varicose veins free, I will take it as a non-expected bonus, as the safety I felt in your offices was alone worth the payment.

Yours sincerely" 

"Dear Dr Krishnan,

Thank you for the exceptional professionalism, kindness and even good fun we encountered on 10th November when I came for the initial part of my vein treatment.

So far, I have had the laser work but no foam injections, but I believe that when we return on 8 Dec, the foam work will be done (already paid on 10th Nov).

The treatment was fully pain-free and whist we were having amusing conversation with yourself and Helen about marathon running and other things, I was aware of the extreme focus whilst doing your job (both of you).

I personally was made to feel that, in the extreme outside chance of an emergency, that this likeable team could deal with it without 'batting an eyelid'.

Many thanks, sincerely"

V & D