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Our Values & Promises

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Our core values

Honesty | Safety | Effectiveness | Efficiency | Respect | Value for Money



The quality of being honest.

We will be honest with you because this policy underpins our entire ethos and is crucial for maintaining our high standard of care and reputation. Additionally, as healthcare professionals it is important to have a trusting and honest relationship between us as the provider and you as the patient. We believe in giving you all of the available information to help you make a truly informed decision for the condition you are experiencing.



The state of being safe and protected from danger or harm.

We put safety high on the agenda. The safety of our staff and patients is of paramount importance to us. We provide treatments that aim to improve your health and your life, and we will take every measure we can to ensure the best possible results for you. We have established rigorous safety management systems and conduct a thorough risk analysis of the workplace on an ongoing schedule.



The fact of producing the result that is wanted or intended; the fact of producing a successful result.

The effectiveness of our service and treatment is at the core of our business. We know that you’re coming to us for relief from symptoms that may be causing you physical or emotional distress so everything we do is geared towards producing a successful outcome of your treatment. This is also crucial for our stature within the industry, and for maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction. In 20 years of practice, we have a 99.5% success rate for our primary treatment, which is EVLA.



The quality of doing something well with no waste of time or money.

We appreciate your time and money are both incredibly important to you, and we know that timely, cost-effective treatments are the key to your satisfaction with our service. We are specialists in varicose vein and thread vein treatment and pride ourselves on our treatment pathway. Our expertise and effectiveness, along with our refined processes from initial enquiry to the end of the treatment pathway, allow us to provide you with the most efficient service possible.



A strong feeling of approval of somebody/something because of their good qualities or achievements.

We provide a personal service that is tailored to your personal circumstance. We will treat you with respect and listen to all your needs, wishes and expectations. We will also show you respect through our honesty and transparency in everything we do, as well as in our professionalism, from responding to all queries knowledgeably to ensuring the very best treatment. We will treat you with kindness and empathy, because we understand the physical and emotional pain you suffer with your varicose veins.


Value For Money

Things sold at a good price.

We offer affordable treatment that is accessible to as many of you as possible. We only do veins, which is why we’re able to keep our prices competitive. We are upfront and honest and inform you of all costs prior to starting treatment and there are no hidden, unexpected charges or fees. It also means providing a comprehensive and accomplished service from your first contact with us right through to your aftercare.



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    Our Promise to you

    Although no clinic or doctor can, or should, offer guarantees of success or satisfaction of any treatment we can make certain reassuring promises:

    • To treat every patient with respect as an individual, listening to and determining their personal needs, wishes and expectations.
    • To be friendly, open and cheerful. To be honest and realistic in our assessment of likely outcomes of treatment.
    • To be upfront about costs, likely outcomes, side effects etc.
    • To encourage, regularly analyse, and act upon feedback about our service.
    • To keep up to date with the very latest developments in the field and utilise the latest proven innovations and equipment to produce the best possible results.
    • To carefully analyse each patient’s problem and provide the most effective bespoke treatment.
    • To offer the option of the least invasive appropriate treatments and manage 99% of all patients without surgery.
    • To utilise techniques which minimise pain.
    • To offer treatment on the basis of potential benefit (physical, psychological, or just social) and not to discriminate against anyone.
    • To inform you of all treatment options for your condition.
    • To provide sufficient information to enable you, the patient, to make the decision that is right for you as to whether to undergo treatment and by which means.
    • To treat only that which is necessary to treat to achieve a good long-term result. We will not try to justify treating incidental and irrelevant findings on scans to increase charges.
    • To adopt rigorous safety and risk management systems.
    • To keep facilities meticulously clean and pay scrupulous attention to hygiene and technique to minimise the chance of infection or other complication.
    • To ensure your consultant is highly skilled by insisting (regardless of experience) that they undergo extensive in-house training. See our Training Programme.
    • To provide regular staff training and appraisal.
    • To create modern environments of the highest quality.
    • To minimize the number of visits necessary, the time treatment takes and the time off work and hobbies.
    • To respond to all queries and requests knowledgeably, quickly, directly, confidently and in a way you can understand.
    • To do our very best to fit patients in at a time of their convenience and to have no significant waiting lists.
    • To complete treatment as planned and avoid bringing patients back for a repeat attempt.
    • To let you know on request our clinics’ results, success rates and complications.
    • To keep all charges competitive and reasonable and be good value for money.
    • To fully inform you of all costs prior to treatment starting and have no hidden and unexpected charges.
    • To provide low-cost credit facilities for those who request them.


    From our internal audits and feedback that we have received over the last 15 years, we feel confident that we are fulfilling these aims. We are particularly pleased that we have achieved all of this at a price that is consistently found to be the lowest in the UK.

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