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We are Honest, Safe, Effective, Experienced, Skilled, Efficient, Respected, Convenient, Relaxed and offer great Value for Money.

We realise that there is a wide choice of providers of varicose vein treatments and, to maintain our position as one of Europe's leading vein centres, we are absolutely determined to offer the very best quality at a reasonable price.


Our previous patients are our finest advocates. Check out these videos to hear what they said about us: 

You can read more unsolicited, unedited comments from patients who have had treatment at any of our Veincentre clinics by visiting:

Comments below are typical of what patients answer:

"You just do veins." 
"You came across as honest." 
"Your prices are by far the most reasonable." 
"I liked being able to have the treatment at the same visit as the consultation." 
"The staff I spoke to were so helpful and knew what they were talking about." 
"You are very experienced. I got the impression that the other clinics I rang hadn't done many and I was a guinea pig."
"I went somewhere else first but having been told on the phone that it would be about £2,000 after my consultation and scan this somehow rocketed to £8,000!" 
"Your reviews from other patients were the best and seemed genuine." 
"I was impressed with your CQC reports."

These comments just about sum up why we've won the PATIENTS' CHOICE AWARD from Private Healthcare UK for the last 3 consecutive years.

General hospitals (NHS and private) and cosmetic clinics, where most patients have their veins treated, simply cannot provide the expert knowledge, skills and facilities of a stand alone specialist vein clinic.

Patients' comments after treatment are equally revealing.

"The care has been excellent. Dr West and his team are very kind and couldn't do enough for me. To start with I was very anxious, but their kindness took all that away."

"All of the staff were very good and very knowledgeable. I spent some time with one of the nurses, she was lovely."

"Dr West was very good and the service was very efficient"

"The service has been very good and I am happy with my treatment. Dr West is very
knowledgeable and he explained everything very well."

"The service and treatments were excellent. I am very impressed with it all."

"I have found them brilliant"

"It has been really informative. They explained options, they gave me all the details I needed"

You can be assured that the comments below are genuine and not just fabricated by the website author as these are reported by CQC inspectors who spoke to random patients who were in our clinics at the time of the CQC visits. You can read the reports at CQC Bristol & CQC Manchester.

The following is a full transcript of a LETTER OF THANKS:

    “I am writing to thank you for the recent treatment to my leg veins. Some years ago I had similar problems with my other leg and had injections and surgery as an inpatient in hospital. The process was uncomfortable, the recovery time was lengthy and I still have scars. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment you offer as it is still relatively new in this country but decided to give it a try. 
    From the explanation you gave me on my first visit and the comprehensive paperwork about the procedure, to my check up visit yesterday, everything went exactly as was predicted. The operation itself was nothing like as uncomfortable as I thought it might be and the friendliness of everyone there made it almost interesting to follow. The best thing was being able to go straight home and carry on as normal. As you predicted, slight pain/soreness on the fifth day (and the bandage felt tight at the end of the week) but nothing more than that. I was amazed at how painless the whole thing was and would recommend the procedure to anyone- so much better than going into hospital. I also appreciated the phone call after a few days to ask how I felt and if I had any problems ( I didn’t of course).
    Although I could have simply written a short “Thank you” I felt by going into some detail you may show this letter to anyone who may be a little hesitant.
Many thanks again.”