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Covid-19 Update

March 2020

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Clinics temporarily closed

Dear Patients

Over the weekend, in view of the accelerating coronavirus crisis, we made the decision to temporarily close all our Veincentre clinics. This is a heart-breaking decision, but absolutely the right thing to do to protect our team, patients and country as we all play our small part in the necessary social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus. We have informed our team this morning (Monday 23rd) and our patient advisers are in the process of informing all affected patients personally.

Our advisers will be available all this week and we will continue to have a telephone and email service throughout our closure. We are determined not to leave patients without our advice and compassion during this time. We are also looking at how we can provide a face to face service for those with urgent clinical issues.

Whilst we are closed, we’ll continue to do everything we can to support our staff. They have been wonderful and we could not be more proud of how they’re handling this crisis. We can’t thank them enough for their strength and the support they’ve provided to our patients and each other.

We wish everyone a safe passage through the next few very difficult months. We look forward to treating you as soon as we can after this wave of the pandemic has passed through. We will update when we know more about reopening but in the meantime – stay calm, stay distant, stay healthy.

Dr David West, Medical Director, and the entire Veincentre family


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