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Letter of thanks to Veincentre

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I am writing to thank you for the recent treatment of my leg veins. Some years ago I had similar problems with my other leg and had injections and surgery as an inpatient in the hospital. The process was uncomfortable, the recovery time was lengthy and I still have scars. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment you offer as it is still relatively new in this country but decided to give it a try.

From the explanation you gave me on my first visit and the comprehensive paperwork about the procedure, to my check up visit yesterday, everything went exactly as was predicted. The operation itself was nothing as uncomfortable as I thought it might be and the friendliness of everyone there made it almost interesting to follow. The best thing was being able to go straight home and carry on as normal. As you predicted, slight pain/soreness on the fifth day (and the bandage felt tight at the end of the week) but nothing more than that. I was amazed at how painless the whole thing was and would recommend the procedure to anyone- so much better than going into hospital. I also appreciated the phone call after a few days to ask how I felt and if I had any problems ( I didn’t of course).

Although I could have simply written a short “Thank you” I felt by going into some detail you may show this letter to anyone who may be a little hesitant.

Many thanks again.


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