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How Much Does Varicose Vein Treatment Cost?

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If you suffer with varicose veins, you’ll know how uncomfortable they are. You may also know that they can cause significant pain and emotional distress. You may not be aware how you can treat them though, and how much that costs. 

For that reason, we thought we’d answer some of the questions you may have about varicose veins, including what treatments are available and how much varicose vein treatment costs. We’ve also provided some insight into how you can pay for your treatment on finance and absorb that into your weekly budget. 


Do I have varicose veins?

If you have twisty, bulging veins on your legs or feet, then it’s likely you have varicose veins. Especially if your legs often ache and feel restless and itchy. Aside from the discomfort and frustration they cause, varicose veins can also cause a drop in confidence and lead to skin damage in the form of venous ulcers. Symptoms are likely to worsen without medical intervention but can be cured through treatment. 


What kind of varicose vein treatments are there?

There are a number of different types of varicose vein treatments available, including Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and foam sclerotherapy. These are the best types of treatment for varicose veins, as recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence. They are minimally invasive, walk-in, walk-out treatments with no time off work required. 



As the gold standard of varicose vein treatments, EVLA uses a laser to destroy varicose veins from the inside. With only local anaesthetic used, you should be in and out of your treatment inside two hours. You can’t drive on the day you have EVLA, but you can the day after. 


Foam sclerotherapy

Although it’s most commonly used as a secondary treatment to EVLA, foam sclerotherapy can also be used as the primary treatment for smaller varicose veins. During the procedure, a drug is injected directly into affected veins that destroys the lining of the vein walls. Depending on how many veins need treating, the whole procedure usually takes just 30 to 45 minutes, while you can drive yourself home afterwards if you like. 


How much is varicose vein treatment?

When asked ‘how much does varicose vein treatment cost?’, UK clinics have a tendency to promote a headline price without mentioning other potential costs such as consultations, scans and follow-up appointments and treatments. However, our prices are up front and fixed, with no hidden fees or threat of increasing once you begin treatment. 

We pride ourselves on providing a fixed pricing structure with no ‘from’ and ‘per vein’ prices. Our consultation with colour duplex ultrasound scan is fixed at £250 for every self-funding patient. EVLA prices are per leg, irrespective of how many veins need treating. Follow-up then costs £300, which includes additional sclerotherapy if required. 



We are committed to the principle that ensuring our treatments are as affordable as possible is the fair and right thing to do.


Can I afford the cost of varicose vein treatment?

If you’ve got money saved to one side, then investing in your health is a great way to use it. You may prefer to spread your varicose vein treatment cost though, and that’s something we can help you with. You can tailor finance payments to your needs, with the option to pay for your treatment over two, three, four or five years. 

We’ve added the weekly cost of both our unilateral and bilateral EVLA treatments to a graph that shows the average cost of a wide range of typical outgoings. As well as necessities such as rent or mortgage payments, we’ve also looked at the average price of things like a theatre ticket, exercise class, or a night out at bingo. 



As you can see, we’ve shown the cost of our unilateral and bilateral EVLA treatments spread over 24, 36, 48 and 60 months. Naturally, the shorter the period you pay for your treatment over, the higher the weekly cost. The positive of that of course is you’ll pay for it quicker. But if you’d rather keep your weekly outgoings as low as possible, you could pay around £10 per week for unilateral EVLA or £14 per week for bilateral EVLA. 


How to budget for the cost of varicose vein treatment

If you decide to spread your varicose veins treatment cost over monthly instalments, you may need to make minor tweaks to your weekly budget to cover the payment. We’ve looked at the average cost of things like a daily cup of coffee and a lunchtime meal deal or having a few beers or glasses of wine each week, to demonstrate how the odd little saving here and there means you may be able to cover the cost. 



As you can see above, we’ve included the cost of our bilateral EVLA treatment spread over 24 months, which is the quickest way to pay it off. Obviously, that comes with the highest weekly payment, so we’ve also included the cost of our unilateral EVLA payment when spread over 60 months. This is the longest way to pay off this treatment but comes with the lowest weekly cost. 

Making a few tweaks to your weekly spending could allow you to absorb the cost of varicose vein treatment into your budget. Of course, there’s a balance to strike between enjoying yourself and ensuring you have a good quality of life in every sense, not just in treating your veins. But taking care of this important health issue will enhance your life in numerous ways. 

We’re proud of our varicose veins treatment costs. We provide the highest quality of service with competitive pricing, so get in touch with us today and let’s get you started on the journey towards healthy veins and happy legs. 


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