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Veincentre Commits to Net Zero

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We are happy to announce that we have joined almost 50 providers across the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) in England in signing up to an ambitious industry-wide pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2035.

As the climate crisis becomes more and more prevalent in our society, it is right for us as a business to take a step forward to do our bit to help fight climate change.

We have committed to supporting an amazing cause: a project to help provide safe drinking water in Zambia. Less than 50% of the rural Zambian population have access to safe water, with the majority having to rely on unsafe water sources such as hand dug wells or streams. The consumption and use of unsafe water has significant health impacts, with water borne diseases being the third highest cause of death and disability in the country. Many have no choice but to burn wood as their primary energy source, which is a major cause of carbon emissions. This project provides handpumps to access clean water, improving health and reducing emissions.

The production of medical equipment and energy consumption of clinics contribute to carbon emissions, so it is important to help contribute to a more positive outcome, by reducing our carbon footprint, which in turn will help us to reduce waste and save money.



In 2019, the government set a target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and it is vital that all sectors work together to achieve this goal. The government also formed an independent advisory body, called the Committee on Climate Change, who will provide expert advice to sectors on achieving this target set out.


As a company we will continue to work towards helping to fight the climate crisis. Overall, the healthcare sector has a huge impact on the environment, for example, the energy consumptions of hospitals and clinics, medical equipment, and transportation of patients all contribute to carbon emissions. Reducing these emissions can help improve air quality, save money and reduce waste.

The 2035 goal of net zero emissions is voluntary, however we are proud to have committed to play our part in working towards achieving the target in our industry.


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