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Why winter is the best time for Varicose Veins treatment?

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We know that as the nights draw in, and – dare we mention it – everyone starts preparing for Christmas, it’s never been easier to forget about those heady summer days of getting your legs out in the sun’s bronzing rays. But for those of you with varicose veins, the autumn may come as a relief to cover your legs up and forget about them until spring. In actual fact, now really is the best time to think ahead and get them sorted, rather than two weeks before bikini season. Here are our top reasons to take advantage of the autumn lull and banish those painful veins once and for all:

1. Limited waiting list: our busiest time of the year is the summer when people want to wear shorts and skirts again and are suddenly conscious about showing off their legs, meaning waiting lists shoot up. We currently have plenty of availability to allow you to get it over and done with well before next summer.


2. Plenty of recovery time: although any symptoms will disappear almost immediately after EVLA treatment (endovenous laser ablation), you won’t usually tend to see the full cosmetic effect of the treatment for about 2-3 months. If you wait until the summer to get treated you’ll be back to thick tights and winter trousers before you get the chance to make the most of your new pins. Get them sorted now and there’ll be no delay in showing off your legs with confidence next summer.


3. Work it into your busy routine: Even with Christmas looming and your precious spare time filling up fast, the procedure is walk in-walk out – and straight into the Christmas shops, so sorry, there’s still no excuse for forgetting to buy that distant relative’s Christmas present!


4. Lose the compression stocking angst: the majority of our patients tell us that the most uncomfortable part of the entire process is having to wear the compression stocking for a week following treatment, and even more so in the summer months when it’s already hot and sticky! Available in black and beige, the stockings are so well designed that they can be mistaken for a pair of tights or leggings – so you can simply work it into your winter wardrobe.


5. No need for additional budgeting: With our great Interest-free credit available, there’s no need to worry about budgeting Veincentre treatment against Christmas shopping – you can simply spread the cost over ten months in affordable instalments and give yourself an early Christmas treat.

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