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Varicose Veins on the Breasts

A few visible veins on a woman’s breasts are normal, but sometimes they can become much more prominent, which can be upsetting. This is particularly the case after implant surgery.

These prominent veins very rarely indicate anything serious but they can be removed for cosmetic improvement.

Occasionally, men also complain of prominent veins on their chest, and the same applies to them.

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What causes breast veins to become prominent?

In our experience, breast enlargement surgery is the most common cause of increased vein prominence. Of course, there are also natural causes of increased prominence – such as pregnancy, general weight gain and ageing.

The good news is that removing these veins is normally quite simple although would never be contemplated if caused by pregnancy.


How are they removed?

The most effective method is foam sclerotherapy, whereby a small butterfly needle is inserted into one of the veins, and a foamed detergent drug (Fibrovein) is then injected until the whole vein is filled (or veins, if there are several).

We usually have to do two sessions of these injections to get rid of all the prominent veins. It is theoretically possible to treat some of these veins by avulsions, but most are far too small for this to be either necessary or even possible in many cases.

The treatment, just like foam sclerotherapy in the legs, is very safe, with few potential side effects. The most common side effect, as in the legs, is skin staining, where brown marks can appear on the skin overlying the injected veins. When this occurs on the breasts, in our experience this doesn’t last more than a few months, but we have to warn you that it is possible that staining could last many months or even be permanent.

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