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Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome

A common cause for chronic female pelvic pain

Pelvic Venous CongestionCongestion of the pelvic veins due to valve failure is common. 

It leads to an increase in pressure which can cause chronic deep seated pelvic pain, especially in women, and varicose veins in the inside of your upper thigh. 

If your veins or some of them look like this then it is likely that you have a source in the pelvis rather than or in addition to your legs. 

This link on the British Society of Interventional Radiology website gives a very good description of Pelvic Venous Congestion and its treatment. You can also have a look at information about Pelvic Congestion Syndrome on the American Society of Interventional Radiology's website

Embolisation requires X-ray equipmentThe best treatment is embolisation, which we have performed about 1,000 times over the last 20 years with great success. Embolisation requires sophisticated X-Ray equipment. As such, if you require embolisation, you will be treated with one of our consultants at a local private hospital that has the necessary equipment required for embolisations.

Unfortunately, unlike our upfront fixed cost Veincentre prices, the hospital fees for the Embolisation procedures differ depending on the specific hospital and are subject to change. As these are not Veincentre clinics, we regrettably have no control over what the hospital will charge.

If you suspect you may have a pelvic source of your problems, please let us know prior to bookings and we can happily call the hospital and request an up to date procedure price for you.  If you require EVLA treatment, this can still be undertaken at our Veincentre clinic in addition to any follow-ups. These procedures will be charged in line with our fixed cost pricings.