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Following treatment, how long do I need to wear compression stockings for?

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You will need to wear Class II compression stockings immediately after any vein treatment, for one week.

Most people find that it is easiest just to leave them on for the whole week, day and night. You can shower or bathe in them after 48 hours, and they dry quite quickly on you.

If you take your stockings off to wash them, you must not stand up without them on. So if you do take them off, you should only take baths. Sit on the floor upon getting out of the bath; dry your legs; put the stockings back on.

We will supply you with one pair of Class II compression stockings. If you would like to order an additional pair, at a discounted price of Ā£60.00, please let us know before your treatment date and we will arrange for the extra pair to be at the clinic in time for your appointment. Please note that if you are an insured patient, additional stockings will not be paid for by your insurance company.

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