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Are my varicose veins too ‘twisty’ for laser?

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Many people have been told over the years that their veins are too twisty for laser and are offered surgical stripping.

In our practice, surgery is never required. TheĀ NICE guidance states that varicose veins should be treated by Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) or foam sclerotherapy. These procedures are the gold standard treatments, undertaken under local anaesthetic and are minimally invasive & walk-in, walk-out.Ā minimally invas

All patients who walk through our doors can be managed by one of the treatments recommended by NICE. We just do veins and our consultants are specialists in their field with many years of experience treating thousands of patients, who have varicose veins at different severities. In addition, our bespoke EVLA kits are designed to treat varicose veins regardless of how challenging the anatomy, and how twisty the veins are.

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