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Are your modern treatments suitable if I have previously had old-fashioned surgery?

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You can undergo EVLA treatment if you’ve had your veins surgically “stripped” previously. 

We treat a high percentage of patients who have already had their veins stripped. This is due to the high recurrence rate following the old-fashioned stripping method for varicose vein removal. 

Recurrence rates with EVLA are much lower. EVLA will close treated veins in 99% of patients on the first treatment session. 

We can only treat veins that are refluxing (blood flowing in the wrong direction due to faulty valves) at your appointment, but it is possible for healthy veins to develop reflux after treatment. This risk is about 1-2% per year. 

The overall chance of needing further treatment for veins developing new reflux is about 1 in 5 after 10 years. 

It is common after traditional surgery for veins to ‘grow back’ but fortunately very rare after properly performed EVLA which has targeted all sources for the veins. 

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