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You will see the same consultant throughout your treatment journey and so it is useful to note that:

a) As each consultant is based at only one clinic location, you are unable to switch locations once you have attended for a consultation without attending for (and paying for) a new consultation with another consultant. e.g. You are unable to have a consultation in London and treatment in Bristol, e.g. 2 You are unable to have treatment in Nottingham and follow-up in London

b) If your first appointment is on a certain day of the week (e.g. a Monday) it is likely (but not 100% certain) that all future appointments will also be on that day. Each consultant tends to commit to working with Veincentre on set days of the week alongside their commitments to the NHS. If you have set days you can attend please let us know on booking.

Question asked by Kamila on 16th October 2015.