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Do treated varicose veins stay away for good?

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We would need to perform a duplex ultrasound scan of your legs to determine exactly what treatment would be suitable. If you have faulty valves causing your varicose veins then it’s likely the most suitable treatment for you would be EVLA (laser treatment).

After properly performed EVLA it is uncommon to get new varicose veins appearing. The recurrence rates with EVLA are very low, since 2003 less than 1% of our patients have returned to see us with recurrence of veins we’ve previously treated. It may be that you simply require Foam Sclerotherapy as the underlying cause of your veins has been successfully fixed previously.

It is common after traditional surgery for veins to ‘grow back’ but fortunately very rare after properly performed EVLA which has targeted all sources for the veins.

Click here to watch Dr Thoraya Ammar explain if varicose veins come back after laser treatment.

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