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No we don't.

Some clinics try to set themselves apart from others by claiming that their techniques and the equipment they use are in some way better/more special than their competition. Gold tip fibres are a good example of marketing over substance. 

Sounds good doesn't it? Who would not want a Gold tip to the laser fibre being used on them rather than a standard tip?

The truth is that the Gold tip fibre was developed to get around a patent that existed preventing other manufacturers from selling laser fibres for EVLA. The company then marketed it as having some magic advantage over simple bare fibres.

Since the Gold tip was introduced further advances have been made in laser fibre technology for EVLA so it is rather outdated.

There is no evidence that Gold tips are any more effective than bare fibres in the treatment of varicose veins. 

All laser techniques are exactly the same as far as the patient is concerned DURING the procedure.

We use bare fibres which are well established and proven to work well. As they are very thin they can also be used in all cases however tortuous or narrow the veins are. The larger and stiffer Gold tip fibres are not so versatile.

We also offer the more advanced Radial fibres to anyone who is concerned to reduce to a minimum any discomfort AFTER the procedure. There is some evidence that Radial fibres do reduce chance of getting post procedure discomfort.

The most important factors in getting a good result from EVLA and having a comfortable per and post treatment experience are the expertise of the team undertaking the procedure and proper pre-procedure assessment. Type of laser fibre is of little relevance in comparison.