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How much does it cost to treat varicose veins?

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EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation) is the most likely treatment you’ll need if you have definite varicose veins; those that are bulging on the outside of your legs and often cause symptoms too (such as aching, itching, throbbing etc.).

Our prices for EVLA are £1,900 for the treatment of one leg, or £2,600 for the treatment of two legs.

Our EVLA price is the same regardless of how many veins need treating on each leg. Many other clinics will charge according to how many veins you need to have lasered, and you may well find that the charges rack up quite quickly. That is why you need to be careful where you go.

Thread vein treatment costs £300 plus VAT each time you visit, so it depends on how many you have and thus how many visits you need.

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