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Is EVLA treatment painful?

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For the vast majority of patients the procedures are uncomfortable but not painful.

EVLA involves local anaesthetic injections along the length of the vein being lasered which can sting. Because the leg has been numbed by the anaesthetic, when the laser is fired you should feel very little discomfort. It’s not uncommon to feel some slight aching and a few patients notice some odd tastes and smells.

Unfortunately we do have some patients (less than 5%) who find the injection of the local anaesthetic and lasering painful. The others come out and say “it wasn’t painful as such just a bit uncomfortable” and most commonly describe the sensation as “a little odd or weird”.

There appears to be no rhyme nor reason why a few patients find it painful and most not but our advice to everyone is expect the worst and for the vast majority they’re pleasantly surprised.

“Better than a visit to the dentist!”

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