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The people that are qualified to treat varicose veins are those who specialise in venous disease though it is best to see somebody who is a vein (venous) specialist not just a vascular specialist. Most patients are referred to see as vascular specialist rather than a specifically a venous specialist. These venous specialists can either be vascular surgeons or Interventional Radiologists. It doesn’t matter who you see but it is important to see somebody who’s got a special interest in vein disease.

What is an Interventional Radiologist?

An Interventional radiologist is a radiologist by training. Someone who’s trained to interpret images but further to that uses those images to undertake treatments, usually minimally invasive treatments, carried out by guiding special small instruments though tiny holes with the use of imaging equipment. In this case most of the venous treatments are done using ultrasounds scanners. We do a few treatments using movie x-rays for guidance. Interventional radiologists are those specialists that have got the natural skills developed over a number of years of guiding catheters and other little instruments using ultrasound and other imaging guidance.

What is the difference between a Vascular and Venous Expert?

A venous expert is someone who specialises just in veins. A vascular expert is someone that specialises in vessels and those vessels may be arteries or they may be veins. Most vascular specialists do some venous work but most of their career is spent treating arterial disease. It is important that if you’re going to have your veins treated that you see someone that just specialises in treating veins.