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Why are your prices more reasonable than other clinics?

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This is a common question! One lady who came to us recently said she had been looking at our website for two years before finally making her mind up. Her big concern, having looked at other clinics, was why were we so much cheaper, and wondered whether this was because we were cutting corners or providing inferior treatments with inferior results.

Our standard price for EVLA treatment on both legs (Ā£2,600) remains the same regardless of the number of veins on each leg that require lasering. This includes incompetent perforators. Only in very exceptional cases, where such extensive treatment is required that EVLA treatment has to be spread over two sessions, will the fee for EVLA exceed Ā£2,600. Contrast this with many other clinics, which charge per vein. With such clinics, it is not unusual for fees actually charged to exceed Ā£10,000, despite the price list appearing much more reasonable! Such sharp practices are quite frankly outrageous, and we refuse to mimic them.

Our aim is to provide the best possible treatment to the greatest number of patients. Keeping our prices low is key to this. At a time when the NHS severely restricts access to vein treatment, people of normal means need private treatment to be provided at a reasonable price.

So how can we do this?

    1. First and foremost, we do not rip people off. Our prices are set based on the costs we incur, not on what an elite segment of the market will accept.
    2. Our costs are lower than other providers because we undertake very large numbers of procedures, thus making efficient use of all our facilities, which in turn drives down the costs of our equipment, medical devices, drugs, etc.
    3. Specifically, the consumables we use for each case have been designed in-house and manufactured for us by the major European OEM manufacturers. We specify the highest-quality items possible and then buy them in bulk to keep costs low.
    4. Our doctors have huge experience and can therefore undertake the procedures expertly and quickly, enabling more patients to be treated per session. This not only reduces costs but, vitally, optimises the comfort, effectiveness and safety of the procedures.
    5. Unlike most hospitals and cosmetic clinics offering vein treatments, we just do veins. This again increases our efficiency and reduces costs per case. Many private hospitals subsidise other treatments by overcharging on common varicose vein treatments. Cosmetic clinics always seem more interested in swiping your credit card than properly assessing what your condition is caused by or explaining what treatment options are best for you.

Far from our low prices reflecting inferior treatment, the quality of our staff, the equipment we use and the facilities we operate out of are first-class, and we offer the very latest minimally invasive procedures. This leads to unparalleled results and patient satisfaction.

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