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Why do you take a deposit?

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We have unfortunately had to introduce the payment of a deposit for any appointment booked.

Self Funding Patients: The deposits are non-refundable and will be taken off the total appointment cost on the day.

Insured Patients: Deposits will be refunded upon receipt of payment from your insurance company. If you have any excess on your policy we will take this from your deposit.

The deposits serve two main purposes:

  1. Our clinics are extremely busy and we try to keep waiting lists to a minimum. If a patient fails to attend their appointment, we end up with a vacant slot that we could have offered to another patient. The deposit is taken to discourage last-minute cancellations/changes.
  2. We strive to keep our prices at a reasonable tariff that is affordable to all patients. In order to do so, we run all aspects of our clinics as efficiently as possible. If a patient does not attend a booked appointment we have a doctor, nurse and clinic room standing empty. These costs still have to be paid regardless and are added to our overheads. The deposit helps cover the clinic costs if a patient fails to attend.

For insured patients we still ask for a deposit as, should you not attend, insurance companies will not pay a non-attendance fee.

We ask for a Ā£100 deposit when booking an initial consultation, a Ā£500 deposit when booking EVLA treatment and a Ā£300 deposit when booking any other treatment appointment. The remaining balance is due on the day of your appointment.

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