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Our fixed cost treatment prices are inclusive of both the clinic and consultant fee. No "from" Prices.

Stage 1: Consultation

All patients, regardless of whether they present with large varicose or small thread veins, require a consultation and duplex ultrasound scan prior to undergoing any treatment. 

Stage 1
ConsultationPriceLondon prices
Consultation including colour duplex ultrasound scan£250 £250
Domiciliary consultation and scan in your own home or hotel£1000£1000

Stage 2: Primary Treatment options for Varicose Veins if reflux is identified in the feeder veins (i.e. an underlying cause)

It is impossible to accurately determine your treatment plan until you have attended for a consultation and duplex ultrasound scan however if you present with varicose veins, the vast majority of patients require a primary treatment of EVLA, to fix the underlying cause, and secondary treatment of foam sclerotherapy (and/or phlebectomies) to treat the reticular surface veins.

Although exact treatment plans will vary from patient to patient (depending on the results of the scan and what veins require treatment) we are able to state fixed prices rather than "from" because our prices for EVLA are per leg, irrelevant of which veins require laser treatment (e.g. Great Saphenous Vein, Short Saphenous Vein, Perforators etc.). Most other clinics' prices vary depending on how many veins in each leg need EVLA treatment and they will often insist upon you having your legs treated on two separate days. 

Stage 2
Main Primary Treatment Options for Varicose Veins
TreatmentTreatment OPCS (Insurance)
EVLA Unilateral 
EVLA of single/ multiple veins inc perforators in one leg

(EVLA of single/ multiple veins inc perforators)
EVLA Bilateral
EVLA of single/ multiple veins inc perforators in both legs

(EVLA of single/ multiple veins inc perforators)
Alternative Treatment Options
RF Ablation 
(VNUS Closure®) 
one leg
one leg
Sapheon (superglue) 
one leg
Open Ligation
one leg
(Bristol ONLY)

Stage 2: Primary Treatment Options for small varicose or thread veins only if no major reflux in the feeder veins

Stage 2
Primary Treatment Options if no major reflux in the feeder veins
(e.g. often for very small varicose or Thread Veins only (no underlying cause))
TreatmentTreatment OPCS (Insurance)
Price per sessionLondon
Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy Injections
as Primary Treatment on one/ both legs
L8620/ L8621£500
£60 stockings
£60 stockings
Phlebectomies/ Avulsions
on one/ both legs as Primary Treatment
L8750/ L8751£500
£60 stockings
£60 stockings
(Thread Vein Treatment for the Legs)
 £300 + VAT£300 + VAT
(Thread vein treatment usually for the Face)
trademark name Veinwave™
(ONLY AVAILABLE in our Stoke clinic)
 £250 + VATn/a

Stage 3/Stage 4: Patients require at least one follow-up appointment. Further sessions of injections are required for 10% of our patients.

Secondary Treatments & Follow-up Appointments
TreatmentTreatment OPCS (Insurance)
 PricePrice in London 
Initial follow up after Primary Treatment of EVLA 
(VNUS, ClariVein or Sapheon)
including foam sclerotherapy injections if required
 L8620/ L8621 
(Foam injections on one/both legs)
Initial Follow up after Primary Treatment of Foam Sclerotherapy or Avulsions 
no treatment included
Additional sessions of Foam Sclerotherapy or Microsclerotherapy injectionsL8620/ L8621 
(Foam injections on one/both legs)
£300 + VAT
(per session/ appt)
£300 + VAT
(per session/ appt)

Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome

Pelvic Vein Embolisation
Testicular Vein Embolisation (varicocele)If you require Pelvic Vein Embolisation, our consultants will undertake the procedure within one of our partner hospitals.
Unlike our fixed cost fees, the embolisation clinic fees vary depending on which hospital you are referred onto. 
If you suspect there is a pelvic source for your vein problems please let us know and we can obtain quotes for the procedure in advance of your consultation. 
Ovarian Vein Embolisation (Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome)

Private Health Insurance

We are recognised by all the major health insurers including BUPA and AXA-PPP. 

Please refer to our dedicated insurance pages for further information: Information for Patients wishing to pay for consultation and treatment through Private Medical Insurance

If you have any difficulty getting authorisation, please contact us and we will be happy to contact them directly.

Why are our prices more reasonable than other clinics? 

We strongly disagree with misleading statements issued by private hospitals and clinics to try to justify high prices like "As in many areas of life you get what you pay for". This principle just does not apply to private medicine.

We have had many delighted patients who had been quoted up to £15,000 elsewhere, for varicose veins treatment over several sessions, and had their entire treatment undertaken by us at one visit for under £2,000.

Most hospitals are very cagey about their prices. Ask them to quote a fixed price and see what we mean. If you have had a treatment quote elsewhere, we'll be happy to provide you with a quote for the same treatment with us. See our blog on UK Private Medicine Prices which exposes the ridiculous variation in prices of private medicine which bear no relation to experience, reputation, quality or service.

Our detailed response to this question can be found here.


VAT is not payable on most of our procedures but please note that due to thread veins being deemed to be cosmetic VAT is charged on top of treatment costs. The procedures affected are Thermocoagulation and Microsclerotherapy Injections as initial or subsequent treatment after undergoing EVLA, Embolisation, ClariVein, Foam Sclerotherapy, Avulsions/ Phlebectomies or Sapheon.

Credit Facilities

0% Interest Free Credit is available on Radial Fibre EVLA treatment over 6 or 12 months. Click here for further information.