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Payment Options at Veincentre

Spread the cost of your treatment! Monthly payment options are available on all treatments at Veincentre through Chrysalis Finance.


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We now work with Chrysalis Finance to provide you flexible payment option.

Our prices are upfront and fixed with no hidden costs. You can view our prices here.

Please find a step by step guide below on how the process works.

  1. Chrysalis require all patients to attend a self-funded consultation (£250) at one of our clinics first in order to confirm the exact treatment required and the cost so that you can apply for the correct amount.
  2. Once you know the quote for the treatment, you will need to decide what deposit you would like to put down for the treatment (minimum of £100 which is paid to us). Deduct the deposit amount from the total treatment price, this is what you will need to apply for. You can also use a calculator below to help you.
  3. Complete an online credit application.
  4. When your application has been approved, you will then be able to book in for your treatment. The treatment deposit is taken upon booking.
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    Please contact our patient advisers if you have any queries as they can help with the application form if needed.

    You can also watch Emily Bosworth, our patient adviser, explain how you can spread the cost of your treatment below.

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