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We have always striven to provide the best possible service at a reasonable price.

We don’t offer gimmicks like free consultations. We treat many patients that have been for a ‘free’ consultation elsewhere who frequently mention that, once in the door, suddenly the treatment prices initially quoted increase enormously.

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Price comparison with other centres

We have always striven to provide the best possible service at a reasonable price. As NHS treatment is rarely available we want to ensure that we can offer treatment that is affordable to as many people as possible, crucially with no impact on quality.

We are often advised that we should increase our prices as, compared to competitors, we appear “cheap” and therefore “what’s missing in our service?”. The answer is nothing – in fact we are so passionate about the service we deliver we can hand on heart say “We do not believe you could get a better service elsewhere”.

Yes – we could increase easily increase prices, but all this would do is increase our profit margin! We absolutely DO NOT want to do this – it is NOT part of our business ethics. We are passionate about helping people and increasing prices simply to make more money or “appear higher quality” does not sit well with us at all.

Our prices are upfront and fixed – they won’t differ to what’s stated on our website.

We don’t offer gimmicks like free consultations. We treat many patients that have been for a ‘free’ consultation elsewhere only to find that, once in the door, suddenly the treatment prices initially quoted increase enormously. For the most part, nothing in life is free. The evidence we have seen shows that tactics such as free consultations are used to get you through the door, only to later sign you up for treatments with inflated prices.

We also object strongly to misleading statements like this “As in many areas of life you get what you pay for”. Many hospitals and clinics use such statements to try to justify outrageous charges. There is absolutely no evidence that the more you pay for private medical treatment in the UK the higher the quality of the service. See our blog article UK PRIVATE HEALTHCARE COSTS which demonstrates ridiculous variations in the cost of private operations in the UK totally unrelated to experience, results, reputation or geography.

See our recent CQC Inspection Report for proof that, although we may charge less, the inspectors found our service to be faultless in each category; Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive & Well-Led. In addition, read our independent patient reviews for first-hand unbiased opinions on our service from past patients. 

It is very difficult to make accurate price comparisons as most clinics and private hospitals are very cagey about quoting prices before you have had a consultation. Unlike our fixed fees per leg, most clinics quote “from prices” which are dependent on how many veins need treating in each leg. Our advice is to ask them what the maximum price per leg could be prior to attending.

If you have had a quote elsewhere, we will be very happy to send you a like for like quote. Please email or call our Head Office and outline either the treatment you’ve been recommended, or the results of the scan, and we’ll send you a quote outlining what treatment we’d recommend and a comparative fixed cost quote. Our quote will be 100% in line with the prices quoted on our website.

We charge a fixed amount for EVLA irrespective of how many veins require treatment.

Our EVLA price is the same whether you have one refluxing vein or multiple refluxing veins requiring treatment. This does not mean we charge patients with one refluxing vein more than necessary but rather patients with multiple veins are not being overcharged unnecessarily.

The top reason we don’t charge a patient more is that our overheads for treating mulitple veins vs one vein do not increase significantly. The consumables are the same; one EVLA procedure pack is used irrespective of the number of veins needing treatment, and the consultant is paid the same for the case. The only main difference is the time it takes for the procedure. Most of the procedure time is prep before and after the procedure which is the same irrespective of how many veins need treating.

Yes, we could justifiably charge a greater fee for patients with more veins needing EVLA but we don’t want to because our overheads do not justify increasing costs. For patients with multiple varicose vein sources, we’d rather make slightly less profit on that case than charge them more when they are already disadvantaged by having worse problems. This does not however mean you are being charged more if you have one vein in each leg, simply those with multiple are not being charged excessively.


Our treatment cost for 2 legs isn’t double the cost of 1 leg

For the exact same reasoning, if you have veins Bilaterally (i.e. on both legs) we do not charge double the Unilateral EVLA fee. There are additional fees incurred treating two legs rather than one (e.g. increased consultant costs, consumables, procedure time) but these additional fees are not double. The majority of the procedure time is preparation for and follow-up after the procedure which is the same irrespective of the number of veins we treat; on one or both legs.

We will never unnecessarily inflate our prices even if other providers feel it’s reasonable to charge per vein.

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    Other UK Clinics


    Hospital/ Clinic Treatment Price
    Spire Health Bilateral EVLA £4326
    Veincentre £2695
    Saving £1631
    Hospital/ Clinic Treatment Price and Saving
    Whiteley clinic London Consultations and scans £664
    Veincentre £250
    Whiteley clinic London Bilateral EVLA multiple veins, Bilateral avulsions and perforators £5,947.50 +++
    Veincentre £3295
    Saving £3066.50
    Hospital/ Clinic Treatment Price and Saving
    Berkshire Independent Hospital Unilateral EVLA £2810
    Veincentre Bristol £1995
    Saving £815
    Berkshire Independent Hospital Bilateral EVLA £3830
    Veincentre Bristol £2695
    Saving £1135

    Eastern European Clinics

    As the cost of private medical care in the UK is high some patients are being tempted to go abroad for medical treatment especially to eastern Europe. Remember if you do this you may not easily be able to have a specialist review if there is any acute problem following the treatment. You should also ideally have a follow up appointment in addition to the initial treatment and this is especially important with varicose vein treatment as 90% of patients having EVLA or VNUS also require adjunctive treatment at follow up to complete the treatment. Interestingly our prices to have treatment in the UK at a Care Quality Commission Registered clinic by an internationally acclaimed British consultant including follow up are in fact lower than Poland. This below is an actual quotation for treatment at the MPA clinic in Warsaw.

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