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Eryl Preen

Staff Nurse

Veincentre Shrewsbury

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Eryl is the nurse at our Veincentre clinic in Shrewsbury. Before joining Veincentre, her background speciality has been working in the operating theatre, working in Chester, Manchester and Oxford. She also spent 7 years in the Middle East at Abu Dhabi Hospital. After returning home, she worked in Shrewsbury custodial service in Prison Healthcare and then Police Custody for Shrewsbury and Telford Police Stations.

The most memorable part of Eryl’s nursing career was working in Oxford being part of a Neuro and Plastic team working with the Consultants doing pioneer surgery on infants with Aperts Syndrome.

Eryl really enjoys her part time job with a great team at Veincentre Shrewsbury where she hopes to stay until she retires and look back with nostalgia and happiness.

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