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Quality Measures: Value for Money

Why this measure is important:

The cost of treatment is important to most patients. Even billionaires don’t want to waste their hard-earned money! More importantly it is well recognised in healthcare that providing a high-quality service is actually more cost effective. 

How we measure:

The price charged for the most common procedure adjusted for annual rate of inflation. This is expressed as what the price would have been in previous years if we had increased our prices year on year by the inflation rate for that year. The latest year’s figures are the actual price for that year.

We have not increased our prices for EVLA in our out of London clinics since 2005 over which time general inflation has been 45%. Medical inflation has been even higher. If we had increased our prices in line with inflation since 2005 our current price for EVLA of both legs would be £2892

Due to the high costs of running a business in central London we have recently (Jan 2018) had to increase prices there by £100 or between 4.2% and 5.3%.

What we are doing to improve:

We are determined to keep our costs down by running an efficient business and eliminating as much waste as possible while maintaining quality and outcomes. We constantly look at the price we pay for all goods and services we buy in to obtain the highest possible value. We buy on strict specification rather than brand and negotiate deals by buying in bulk direct from the Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs. We always try to fill lists to make best use of staff and fixed resources.