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Consultation & Scan

To determine the best treatment options for you, a detailed consultation and duplex ultrasound scan is required.

We treat the cause of your vein problems, not just the symptoms.

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Varicose veins consultation at Veincentre
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What does the consultation involve?


The consultation will begin with a conversation with the consultant regarding your vein problems (whether cosmetic, symptomatic or both). They will also discuss your past medical history including any previous vein treatment you may have had.



The consultant will then undertake a colour duplex ultrasound scan on your legs to identify what, if anything, is causing your vein problems. The scan is undertaken with you standing up.

The consultant will perform the scan personally. This is really important so that they have a first-hand view of your veins rather than relying on another specialist’s notes. If you decide to book, you will see the same consultant for all treatment appointments too.



We will discuss the results of the scan with you, and then outline the suitable treatment options – including the benefits and the risks – before providing you with a proposed treatment plan.

Over 95% of patients who present with varicose veins require a combination of EVLA and Foam Sclerotherapy (NICE-recommended treatments for varicose veins).



The consultant will be able to discuss the prices for the treatment plan you require. Our prices are upfront and fixed and so they will not escalate from what you can see here. A treatment quote will be confirmed in writing alongside your consultation report.

What is a Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan?

A colour duplex ultrasound scan is a painless, quick and non-invasive test. It is akin to a baby scan (but on your legs). The scan accurately maps the anatomy (what the veins look like) and the physiology (how they are working e.g. direction of blood flow).

The scan will reveal if there is reflux (reverse blood flow) in any of the veins underlying the skin. If so, this indicates the veins contain faulty valves. When working properly the valves ensure blood flows back up the veins to the heart. If the valves are faulty, blood flows back down the leg (reflux) and this causes the venous problems and visible veins to appear.

A duplex ultrasound scan is essential even in cases where reflux at the commonest site is detected clinically. This is because the colour duplex test can detect other important features like further refluxing segments and variants of normal anatomy which may well alter the optimum treatment plan.

Be particularly wary if you are offered treatment without first having a detailed colour duplex ultrasound scan. A simple handheld Doppler examination is not good enough.

Do the Consultation Results Expire?

The results of the consultation and scan are valid for a year. There is no pressure to rush and book in for treatment allowing you to book at a time which suits you.

If you decide to delay treatment, you will require a repeat scan prior to commencing treatment (to ensure nothing has changed since the last scan), however, we do not charge for this repeat scan unless it’s over a year since your initial consultation.


Can I attend for Consultation & Treatment on the Same Day?

If you wish, you can attend for both consultation and EVLA treatment on the same day. This option is available to patients with varicose veins. If you are interested in this, we ask you send us evidence which indicates you have definite varicose veins. When you attend for the consultation, an exact treatment plan will be devised however, as you’re presenting with definite varicose veins, the most likely treatment you’ll require is EVLA.


Do I need a scan if I only have thread veins?

Even with the most innocent thread veins it is important to check for valve failure and reflux as management of any sort of venous problem which neglects to detect and treat underlying reflux will fail. There may be short term success but the problem will recur and get worse.


I’ve had treatment previously, can you still offer me treatment?

It is not uncommon for us to see and successfully treat patients who have had their veins treated previously. In particular, patients who’ve had surgical stripping (as the recurrence rates are so high) or those that underwent treatment to the visible veins without having had the underlying cause of their veins fixed first.


When is the best time of year to have treatment?

The consultation is non-invasive and takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The results are valid for a year, and so the best time to come is whenever most convenient for you.

The best time for treatment is when it fits into your schedule best. Saying this, we don’t usually advise patients to take any time off work and we encourage you to return to normal activities straight away. Following most treatments you’re unable to fly long haul (over 4 hours) and you’re unable to drive on the day.

It’s impossible to say how quickly you’ll see results from the treatment. Patients will often remark “I have an event in a few weeks time and I want my veins sorted in time for it” yet sadly, it’s not possible to say how quickly someone will see results from the treatment. Most patients see a marked improvement between their initial treatment and 6 week follow-up however, our experience over the last 17 years demonstrates that, each patient’s recovery is different. The results are dependent on how quickly your body reacts to the treatment. We aim to get your legs looking and feeling normal again however the length of time it takes to achieve this varies from patient to patient.

All we can say is the earlier you start on your treatment journey, the sooner you’ll see results.

Our waiting lists tend to be longer in Spring and so if you have dates you’d like to attend, especially during school holidays, we’d advise booking sooner rather than later to ensure we have appointments available.


How much does the Consultation Cost?

An initial consultation with one of our Consultant Vascular Specialists costs £250 and includes the Colour Duplex Ultrasound Scan of your legs.


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