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Patient Feedback on Our Service

We hope that every patient's experience of Veincentre is a positive one. In a continuous attempt to improve our service, we ask that patients provide us with honest feedback of our service.

We encourage patients to give frank answers to the questions we ask as any feedback is important to us. It is only by listening to what is said that we can continue to improve our standards. We encourage both good and bad comments.

We encourage both positive and negative feedback and in addition to the questions in the charts below, ask our patients to kindly answer the following questions too:

Q: What were your first impressions of Veincentre when you walked in?  Q: Please make any comments you want us to know about here

Patients' responses to these questions can be found below the charts. We promise these answers are 100% genuine.

This feedback is from patients who attended our clinics from 1 Jan 2017 - 25 Aug 2018.

Did you find someone on the clinic staff you could talk to about your worries and fears?

 Did you have confidence and trust in the specialist treating you?

Did you feel that you were treated with respect?

Was the proposed treatment clearly explained to you?


How would you rate the professionalism of reception?

Was the expected outcome of the procedure clearly explained to you?

How would you describe the overall level of hospitality that you have received at Veincentre?

How would you rate the appointment process?

How would you rate the telephone manner of our personnel?

How would you rate our nursing care?

Were you involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about your care and treatment?

Were you given enough privacy when discussing your condition or treatment?

Overall, did you feel that you were treated with respect and dignity while you were in our clinic?

How likely are you to recommend our clinic to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

Patients' answers to:
Q: What were your first impressions of Veincentre when you walked in? 
Q: Please make any comments you want us to know about here.

 "Very welcoming" & "I was extremely frightened and very anxious of the procedure and at one time rang to almost cancel my appointment ........ but in the end a lady called Katherine took over, who all i can say was absolutely amazing!!! Katherine went out of her way to reassure me that all would be okay, she almost held my hand all the way through my panic, and to be perfectly honest it was nearly every day. I probably was a nuisance to her but she never let it show and had time over and over again, and on some days she actually contacted me offering support as by this time she had got to know me and my anxiety!! All I can say is with out this support I would have cancelled. Thank you to all the team in Bristol Doctor Lyn Jones Rosemary and also the very chilled out lovely receptionist Catherine, the world would be a better place if only there were more of these lovely compassionate ladies in the world !!! Thank you Tina from Bristol" 18/02/2018

"Made to feel welcome whilst waiting for appt. Refreshments apprieciated. Comfortable seating, newspapers available, thumbs up!" & "Was very happy to meet Dr Lyn Jones and Natasha. Both were very informative and respectful, both lovely people , easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable throughout my appt. Treatment was virtually painless and I was informed of every stage" 08/06/2018

"Very positive, friendly staff and relaxing environment" & "Lovely and helping staff, amazing doctor and nurse, helped to relax by talking to me and teaching correct breathing techniques whilst having a treatment. Positive atmosphere which helped to create trust and confidence that in the right place for the treatment." 27/02/2017

"Professional but relaxed" & "Amazing treatment from start to finish. Very relaxed and very happy with the treatment I've received" 24/03/2017

"Very welcoming, clean and friendly staff" & "Can't believe how at ease I felt, I asked lots of questions and they were all answered professionally even though some of my questions were a bit 'daft'. I would even go as far as saying I'm willing my right leg to have a varicose vein so I can come back :) What lovely people and a happy me" 08/03/2017

"Very welcoming" & "Very impressed by the professionalism of all members of staff and the way at which they endeavour to ensure you are completely at ease throughout your treatment" 13/03/2017

"Very clean and friendly atmosphere. Welcomed and taken through everything of the procedure with the Dr and Nurse. Aftercare very simply put and who to call if i was to have an emergency. Very highly recommened the professionalism and skillset" & "Keep up the good work!" 02/05/2017

 "Incredibly friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere" & "Professional service, consultant clearly was an absolute expert in his field. I have felt confident throughout all appointments and treatment. Thank you to the receptionist, nurse and consultant. I could not ask for better service"06/10/2017

"Extremely friendly, lovely staff. Very nice environment" & "Very impressed with the whole service, far exceeded any expectations I had. Could not have been dealt with more professionally. Really wonderful staff. Very understanding and empathetic with great sense of humour too. Made everything so much easier. The best I have been dealt with by any medical professionals. Thank you very much" 12/01/2018

"Very welcoming! The receptionist Catherine is lovely. Overall very impressed!" & "Overall the clinic and the staff are brilliant ! The discussion about my treatment was very informative, the treatment was on time and less invasive than feared it would be! Many thanks!" 25/08/2017

"Welcoming clean and friendly" & "I have already recommended this centre to 2 friends and would have no hesitation in suggesting they ask for Mr Neary. He was brilliant and i felt absolutely at ease and fully confident. Thank you" 01/09/2017

"Modern,clean facilities. Very friendly staff" & "Very professional service.Staff were helpful and courteous. Very satisfied with the care and outcome. Highly recommend" 28/09/2017

"Welcoming,calming very pleasant,relaxing environment" & "Thank you very much I'm glad i found you" 22/05/2017

"Very nice even before walking in with Catherine watering the flowers" & "Just to confirm that i felt very much looked after and enjoyed the experience, as much as one can" 22/05/2017

"Friendly receptionist, nice decor, nice magazines and a lovely cup of tea offered" & "To have the procedure done here was first class, cannot fault staff at all. Everyone was kind and friendly and very professional" 12/05/2017

"Very good. Welcoming staff." & "I was made to feel completely at ease and staff were compassionate and caring. I was informed about everything that was happening and felt at ease throughout" 29/06/2018

"Warm and welcome, lovely building" & "All really lovely and caring staff made the experience a whole lot easier for me. Thank you very much!!" 31/03/2017

"Lovely welcome when arrived. Felt very welcomed and comfortable. & "Hopefully will not need to use again, but would be my first choice if I needed too" 16/08/2017

"Lovely Dr West was lovely and so was Helen " & "Had a fab time in Manchester and my leg is looking amazing already thank you Dr West and Helen xxxx" 03/04/2017

"Friendly, put me at ease and were just really welcoming" & "It was a lovely experience, the staff were friendly and helpful, everything was explained, my options were given to me and overall in would highly recommend this treatment and clinic" 30/04/2018

"Very welcoming, warm and friendly whilst extremely professional" & "Excellent service. I felt informed during the procedure and confident in my consultant doctor, the nurse did a great job of talking to me throughout" 26/03/2018

"Very friendly and welcoming" & "The whole process was smooth and I felt totally at ease. Thank you" 27/03/2017

"Very very clean. Relaxing. Welcoming reception" & "Excellent care. Very very happy. Would recommend Veincentre. All staff very helpful and caring" 27/02/2018

"Warm and welcoming" & "The service and care has been exemplary! I only wish I had done it sooner!" 23/02/2018

"Very friendly receptionist, very reassuring" & "Very pleased  with the whole process and would compliment all the team for the treatment i received thank you so  very much" 14/05/2018  

"Clean, pleasant and welcoming" & "Very professional service. Very pleased with the service I received" 26/04/2017

"Very good - efficient and informative, positive and caring, very friendly doctor, nurse and receptionists" & "Excellent care, excellent treatment, excellent results" 18/01/2018

"Very professional and friendly" & "Worried about going ahead and having the treatment done after deliberating for a long time, but so glad I did as I was put completely at ease" 03/01/2018

"Clean and tidy reception friendly welcome. Was told the exact procedure I was having and was well informed all the way through the surgery. I was very happy with the end results and would recommend it to anyone" 24/11/2017

"Very welcoming" & "Much easier than I thought it would be thanks to all the fantastic staff" 29/03/2017

"Very clean and bright, friendly staff. Place was easy to find" & "A surprisingly pleasant experience!" 29/06/2017

"Lovely surroundings and friendly and welcoming staff" & "Excellent. Very happy and have already recommended to friends" 27/04/2018

"Friendly inviting" & "Very happy and impressed with everything from first booking. So pleased with how everything has been explained by the doctor definitely recommend you" 10/11/2017

"Nice environment, comfy waiting area, nice to have refreshments available" & "Very happy with service today and whole process so far" 05/07/2017

"Friendly helpful receptionist,quick to welcome and offer refreshment.Very nicely presented reception area giving a quietly confident appearance. Toilet very clean" & "Helpful knowledgeable service, friendly and welcoming" 12/07/2017

"Looked lovely, very clean and tidy. The place is decorated lovely and comfortable. Staff are friendly" & "I was looked after and felt very comfortable. Handled with the utmost care." 03/07/2018

"Very professional and friendly" & "I would highly recomend Veincentre to anyone for varicose vein treatment" 13/07/2017

"Friendly, clean and comfortable environment" & "All the staff at Veincentre have been welcoming and friendly and have made me feel at ease. A very professional service" 15/06/2018

"Great very professional, waiting room is very warm" & "The whole team from start to finish have been excellent,they comforted me throughout the treatment and answered all my questions in great detail" 22/05/2018

"Very welcoming and clean" & "Couldn't have felt more at ease. Very pleased and would highly recommend" 24/07/2017

"Clean, professional and friendly" & "Thank you for the care and interest you have shown in helping me with a chronic problem" 16/08/2017

 "Extremely professional setup" & "This is how medical services should be provided" 10/11/2017

"Very pleasant and welcoming" & "Well worth travelling up from Plymouth for treatment. Many thanks for your hospitality" 18/04/2018

 "Everyone was very welcoming and friendly" & "The Bristol staff are all very kind" 23/06/2017

"Very friendly and welcoming establishment" & "Surprised how efficient and effective the treatment is" 09/05/2018

"Easy to find, building very smart & lovely welcome by friendly staff. Great magazine selection ☺" & "A thoroughly interesting & positive experience from my perspective." 31/05/2018

"Professional, friendly and reassuring. All fully informative at all times" & "Recommended, looking forward to seeing final results at last" 17/04/2018

"Clean and tidy" & "Professional and friendly, just the combination you need.thank you" 04/09/2017

"Very clean and tidy, staff are extremely friendly and welcoming" & "Staff are extremely welcoming and friendly and made the whole experience easy. Thank you so much" 19/09/2017

"Very nice clinic and friendly staff" & "Glad I had it done now hoping the throbbing in my leg will stop at night" 24/10/2017

"Welcoming, professional" & "Mr Dodd and staff were friendly, professional and I spired great confidence I am happy with my treatment"  27/10/2017

"Very clean, friendly welcome" & "Thank you for a painless process" 22/11/2017

"Very pleasant building, modern and welcoming. Angela on reception very friendly and offered coffee on arrival" 01/08/2018

 "Very welcoming" & "Pauline and Dr Jones were lovely and professional. I felt in very good hands" 27/07/2018

"Very airy. Centre well appointed. Receptionist Catherine offered me a drink and made me feel at home" 01/08/2018

"Friendly informative staff in a comfortable environment" & "Overall very happy and have recommended your services already" 31/07/2018

"Very positive and relaxing,ideal" & "Thank you, I thought the whole experience was excellent" 21/05/2018

"Friendly, clean, and professional" & "Received excellent care with no surprises. Thank you" 14/05/2018

"Clean, tidy, professional, friendly, relaxing" & "Very happy,thank you. Superb consultant and a wonderful nurse" 27/04/2018

"Very friendly and professional" & "I cannot find any fault with the clinic or my treatment" 06/04/2018

"Very friendly receptionist and very well decorated and comfortable surrounding" 06/04/2018

"Smart but not clinical. Very welcoming" & "Very satisfied with my treatment" 29/03/2018

"Light and modern" & "Nothing. Felt at ease and staff are lovely. Thank you making me feel so comfortable" 23/02/2018

"Very welcoming, warm room with comfortable chairs and personable staff" 22/12/2017

"Very clean and proffesional" & "Very friendly staff always making sure your comfortable" 14/11/2017

"Very friendly and efficient" & "I found the whole process to be professional and caring would definitely recommend" 27/10/2017

"Very pleasant, modern and not too clinical" & "Procedure wasn't as bad as I imagined!!" 24/10/2017

"Very professional and friendly staff. Made to feel at ease" 27/10/2017

"Professional and friendly" & "Have complete confidence,no improvements necessary" 06/10/2017

"Very professional and friendly" & "Really happy with the whole experience so far" 13/09/2017"

Professional, clean, friendly" & "Very pleased with all involved with consultation and treatment" 15/09/2017

"Excellent, very friendly,very reassuring" & "Couldnt have wished for better,so happy. Thank you so much" 15/09/2017

"Welcoming" & "Felt totally confident in staff treating me." 15/09/2017

"Very friendly, good relaxing environment" & "Overall pleasant experience" 18/09/2017

"Very inviting, comfortable and relaxing environment with welcoming staff" 25/08/2017

"Clean bright modern everyone was very friendly and approachable" 02/05/2017

"Clean and welcoming environment. Friendly competent receptionist" & "Continue on same course!" 02/05/2017

"Friendly bright clean" 31/01/2017

"Good" 07/01/2017

"Neat clean organized" 07/02/2017

"Pleasant & friendly. Nice coffee" 07/02/2017

"Everyone was pleasant and helpful" 08/02/2017

"Inviting, warm and friendly" 14/02/2017

"Professional, clean, efficient" 14/02/2017

"Very good" 14/02/2017

"Welcoming/friendly staff offered a drink on arrival" 15/02/2017

"Clean and professional" 15/02/2017

"Nice" 17/02/2017

"Very smart place" 20/02/2017

"Professional" 21/02/2017

"It has a pleasant waiting area, friendly receptionist" 22/02/2017

"Beautiful reception, lovely receptionist" 24/02/2017

"Very comfortable" 24/02/2017

"Looks very professional." 28/02/2017

"Clean, bright and welcoming" 01/03/2017

"Very welcoming, lovely staff." 02/03/2017

"Relaxed and friendly" 03/03/2017

"Very professional" & "All good" 03/03/2017

"Very Friendly" 03/03/2017

"Very welcoming clean" 03/03/2017

"Very good" & "Everything was really good!" 03/03/2017

"Calm and professional" & "Great service" 03/03/2017

"Friendly welcoming and very professional" 06/03/2017

"Very bright and pleasant" 06/03/2017

"Very good, welcoming and relaxed" 07/03/2017

"Clean and welcoming" & "A little bit room to change" 07/03/2017

"Professional and friendly" 08/03/2017

"Good" & "Very friendly very good" 08/03/2017

"Nice and reassuring" 08/03/2017

"Looks very professional" & "Thank you" 08/03/2017

"Very good" 08/03/2017

"Very clean very friendly and helpful" 08/03/2017

"Relaxing & pleasant" & "Big thank you for your kindness" 10/03/2017

"Lovely. Modern and spotless. Warm welcome. Lovely staff" 10/03/2017

"Clean and relaxed environment" 10/03/2017

"Quietly efficient" 10/03/2017

"Very clean and tidy reception. Friendly staff" 13/03/2017

"Lovely" 13/03/2017

"Friendly and attentive staff. Small and personal clinic" 14/03/2017

"Polite staff easy to find" 15/03/2017

"Very friendly" 15/03/2017

"Pleasant" 15/03/2017

"Pleasant staff and atmosphere" 15/03/2017

"Professional and friendly" 16/03/2017

"Pleasant surroundings. Warm welcome" 20/03/2017

"Very nice" 22/03/2017

"Very nice and helpful" 22/03/2017

"Very pleasant" 24/03/2017

"Welcoming staff and comfortable environment" 24/03/2017

"Comfortable" 27/03/2017

"Very inviting, made to feel at ease" 27/03/2017

"Relaxed and friendly" 28/03/2017

"Good" 28/03/2017

"Very pleasant and friendly" & "None except to have a clinic in Wales" 29/03/2017

"Nice reception and friendly staff" 29/03/2017

"Professional environment" 29/03/2017

"Very good" & "Been very impressed" 31/03/2017

"Professional, welcoming and relaxing" 31/03/2017

"Welcoming" 31/03/2017

"Relaxed, friendly" 03/04/2017

"Clean, comfortable, friendly" 04/04/2017

"Ok" 04/04/2017

"Good" 04/04/2017

"Positive" 05/04/2017

"Welcoming" 05/04/2017

"Good" 05/04/2017

"Friendly and welcoming" 05/04/2017

"Clean, friendly, welcoming" 05/04/2017

"Great" 06/04/2017 

"Very clean" 07/04/2017

"Well presented" 07/04/2017

"Very relaxed atmosphere, clean and welcoming" 12/04/2017

"Great, friendly, reassuring" 12/04/2017

"Very friendly" 19/04/2017

"Pleasant bright building" 19/04/2017

"Excellent" 21/04/2017

"Very professional clean and welcoming" 21/04/2017

"A very nice welcome" 24/04/2017

"Pleasant surprise" 26/04/2017

"Friendly and relaxed" 26/04/2017

"Very welcoming. Smart reception area. Lovely receptionist" 26/04/2017

"Very professional, clean and superfriendly" 28/04/2017

"Nice,clean,friendly" & "Perfect" 02/05/2017

"Friendly, clean and efficient" 02/05/2017

"Pleasant environment. Friendly staff" 03/05/2017

"Friendly" 03/05/2017

"Friendly and relaxed" 03/05/2017

"Very good" 05/05/2017

"Excellent with warm friendly welcome" 05/05/2017"

Great very friendly" & "Lyn and the team at Bristol were fantastic" 05/05/2017

"Very nice. Clean and smart. Very nice people" 09/05/2017

"Light comfortable and welcoming" 09/05/2017

"Calm friendly" 10/05/2017

"Calm, and lovely" 12/05/2017

"Excellent first impression. Very professional, kind and caring" & "None" 12/05/2017

"Clean and tidy...warm greeting decent coffee" 12/05/2017

"Welcoming and friendly" & "All very satisfactory" 15/05/2017

"Very professionally and courteous" 15/05/2017

"Smart,and smelt nice" 16/05/2017

"Clean and friendly" 17/05/2017

"Smart and professional" 17/05/2017

"Professional" 17/05/2017

"Extremely kind friendly and professional" 19/05/2017

"Very modern and comfortable" 19/05/2017

"Very welcoming" 22/05/2017

"Lovely friendly service" 23/05/2017

"Pleasant relaxed atmosphere. Friendly helpful staff" 23/05/2017

"Very good" 24/05/2017

"Very nice indeed" 24/05/2017

"Very good. The receptionist was very welcoming" 24/05/2017

"Very professional atmosphere, the team were all very welcoming" 24/05/2017

"Friendly and helpful" 25/05/2017

"Professional and welcoming" 26/05/2017

"Very good" 26/05/2017

"Excellent" 26/05/2017

"Friendly and comfortable" & "Excellent treatment from start to finish" 02/06/2017

"Calm and friendly environment" 09/06/2017

"Cool and relaxing. Quiet" 09/06/2017

"Welcoming" 15/06/2017

"Welcomed into a clean and bright reception area. With a super,helpful, staff" 15/06/2017

"Excellent" 15/06/2017

"Clean and welcoming" 19/06/2017

"Clean cool and welcoming" & "Wonderful service and treatment! Many thanks!" 21/06/2017

"Very professional" 21/06/2017

"Relaxed,friendly atmosphere" 23/06/2017

"Nice and professional" 26/06/2017

"Modern, light clean" 26/06/2017

"People are very nice and friendly" 05/07/2017

"Inviting, friendly, relaxing" 10/07/2017

"Pleasant and welcoming" 10/07/2017

"Very helpful and pleasant" 12/07/2017

"Very professional and welcoming" 12/07/2017

"No worries at all" 12/07/2017

"Ok" 12/07/2017

"Clean Modern Friendly" 12/07/2017

"Calm environment" 12/07/2017

"Quiet" 18/07/2017

"Good" 18/07/2017

"Clean" 18/07/2017

"Welcoming, exceptionally friendly staff and very 'posh'!!!!"19/07/2017

"Positive" & "It would be good to put a picture on the ceiling above the treatment table to distract patients when the treatment is taking place" 19/07/2017

"Funky and clean" 19/07/2017

"Welcoming" 19/07/2017

"Clean environment and pleasant staff." 19/07/2017

"Clean" 19/07/2017

"Very welcoming" 19/07/2017

"Looked nice, clean and modern" 19/07/2017"

Welcoming,very clean and tidy" 24/07/2017

"Very professional,friendly" & "So happy with the service, thank you" 24/07/2017

"Clean and welcoming" 01/08/2017

"Bright and welcoming" 01/08/2017

"Clean, friendly staff" & "Open a branch in Southampton or Winchester" 01/08/2017

"Very nice" 02/08/2017

"Very informal, relaxed and pleasant environment" 02/08/2017

"Very good" 04/08/2017

"Very relaxed no problem" 08/08/2017

"Smart" & "Happy with service received" 10/08/2017

"Friendly reception, pleasant environment" 10/08/2017

"Very professional" 15/08/2017

"A calm environment with a nice orchid" 15/08/2017

"Very calming" 15/08/2017

"Wow!!!" 15/08/2017

"Very calming and professional" & "Better sound system for the music would be good, apart from that it was all brilliant" 16/08/2017

"Calm, clean, professional surroundings" 16/08/2017

"Good" 16/08/2017

"Pleasant surroundings. Receptionist friendly and helpful" 16/08/2017

"Really welcoming, and felt well looked after" 16/08/2017

"Yes very good" 17/08/2017

"Comfortable" 17/08/2017

"Very professional. Nice surroundings" 18/08/2017

"Comfortable" 18/08/2017

"Professional and calm" 18/08/2017

"Very welcoming, clean and tidy" 18/08/2017

"Very well presented and comfortable" 23/08/2017

"Professional lovely clean setting,welcoming receptionist" 24/08/2017

"Nice pleasant room" 24/08/2017

"Friendly and professional" & "Felt very cared for" 25/08/2017

"Very good" 25/08/2017

"Very good" 25/08/2017

"Friendly, professional" 30/08/2017

"Clean bright and friendly" 01/09/2017

"Nice" 04/09/2017

 "Relaxed atmosphere & friendly" 04/09/2017

"Professional" & "Great with everything" 04/09/2017

"Good" 06/09/2017

"Very nice, clean, new, welcoming and comfortable" 06/09/2017

"Very professional" 07/09/2017

"Trendy, friendly 08/09/2017

"Nice" 08/09/2017

"Very clean and professional" 13/09/2017

"Warm friendly and very professional!" 18/09/2017

"Very good professional environment" 18/09/2017

"Beautifully clean and fresh" 18/09/2017

"Very professional clean and friendly" & "Prior to my initial procedure I did not receive some paperwork but on telephoning it arrived the very next day" 18/09/2017

"Nice, clean environment and friendly staff" 18/09/2017

"Pleasant surroundings. Helpful staff" 13/10/2017

"Professional, friendly" 16/10/2017

"Very friendly and professional" 16/10/2017

"Very welcoming and friendly" 16/10/2017

"Very clean" 16/10/2017

"Friendly and reassuring" 17/10/2017

"Pleasant and clean, very friendly" & "Seems fine already!" 17/10/2017

"Pleasant relaxing surroundings" 17/10/2017

"Neat and efficient looking" 19/09/2017

"Calm and efficient"  & " Nurse Helen has a very good manner" 19/09/2017

"Nice and clean and modern" 19/09/2017

"Good first impression, nice environment, friendly staff" 19/09/2017

"Very good" & "Good experience" 19/09/2017

"Good signs inside building, clean, spacious, comfortable seats, good welcome from staff" 20/09/2017

"It was cheerful" 20/09/2017

"Very nice, welcoming." 21/09/2017

"Very friendly" & "As an NHS health provider it was an interesting experience!"22/09/2017

"Very good" 27/09/2017

"Friendly, pleasant environment" 28/09/2017

"Organised and friendly" 29/09/2017

"Pleasant environment. Very capable receptionist" & "Very professional" 02/10/2017

"Very professional and welcoming" 04/10/2017

"Clean. Well organised" & "Very impressive" 04/10/2017

"Lovely decor, welcoming" & "Very impressed with all aspects" 04/10/2017

"Good friendly" 04/10/2017

"Pleasant, clean environment, well appointed" 06/10/2017

"Very welcoming and friendly" 09/10/2017

"Nice offices, car park rather full" 10/10/2017

"Warm friendly reception" 11/10/2017

"Relaxed but professional" 11/10/2017

"Fine" 11/10/2017

"Professional and helpful" 11/10/2017

"Excellent" 11/10/2017

"Modern, clean" 13/10/2017

"Very welcoming and professional" & "Very friendly and professional team" 17/10/2017

"Very professional" 17/10/2017

"Very professional and staff very welcoming. Reception very clean & tidy also" 20/10/2017

"Very professional" 23/10/2017

"Welcome friendly & prompt entry for treatment" 23/10/2017

"Nice place" 23/10/2017

"Good set up" 24/10/2017

"Clean, professional" 27/10/2017

"Very professional and discreet" 27/10/2017

"Good" 31/10/2017

"Very good" 31/10/2017

"Very good" 31/10/2017

"Nice modern and relaxed" 02/11/2017

"Friendly and welcoming" 03/11/2017

"Nice reception, welcoming, clean, nice décor" 03/11/2017

"Well organised" 03/11/2017

"Very professional" & "My Dad and I were made feel very relaxed" 08/11/2017

"Good" 08/11/2017

"Clean, professional" 08/10/2017

"Very pleasant and accomodating really relaxed atmosphere" 08/11/2017

"Excellent" 10/11/2017

"Very nice. Receptionist was lovely..felt at ease straight away" 10/11/2017

"Very nice setting" 10/11/2017

"Very welcoming" 10/11/2017

"Calm" 10/11/2017

"Very good" 31/10/2017

"Welcoming, bright and modern" 13/11/2017

"Attractive. Comfortable" 14/11/2017

"Very positive and welcoming" 16/11/2017

"Professional" & "Very warm and friendly people which is comforting" 16/11/2017

"Welcoming and friendly" 17/11/2017

"Very good clean professional" 17/11/2017

"I felt comfortable and relaxed" 17/11/2017

"Welcoming and comfortable" 17/11/2017

"I thought it was a very professional outfit" 21/11/2017

"Very calming and pleasant." 22/11/2017

"Nice office" 27/11/2017

"Very good." 27/11/2017

"Very nice and comfortable room." & "Very delighted about whole process" 27/11/2017

"Very professional" 29/11/2017

"Welcoming and professional" & "Just many thanks to everyone. Great treatment" 29/11/2017

"Friendly lovely receptionist. Warm, welcoming ambience" 29/11/2017

"Made to feel very comfortable" 30/11/2017

"Smart and organised. Welcoming" 11/12/2017

"Clean,pleasant relaxing atmosphere" 12/12/2017

"It's changed, in a good way" 12/12/2017

"Very friendly and comfortable" 13/12/2017

"Very impressed" 18/12/2017

"Very clean and professional and friendly" 01/12/2017

"Friendly and welcoming" 01/12/2017

"Relaxed" 05/12/2017

"Very tidy and clean" 05/12/2017

"Nice and welcoming" 05/12/2017

"Good" 06/12/2017

"Relaxed" 06/12/2017

"Very friendly,calm and professional" 08/12/2017

"Clean, modern efficient" 08/12/2017

"Friendly welcome. Reception bright and relaxed" & "None" 11/01/2018

"Very clean and tidy, excellent welcoming" 11/01/2018

"Very helpful and nice which put me at ease" 12/01/2018

"Very efficient clean friendly service" 12/01/2018

"Professional set up" & "All good" 12/01/2018

"Very clean and tidy and welcoming. Excellent" 12/01/2018

"Very professional" 15/01/2018

"Professional image, clean and smart" 16/01/2018

"Impressed" & "Very happy with treatment" 17/01/2018

"Trustworthy, nice staff,nice atmosphere" 18/01/2018

"Clean, bright and welcoming" 18/01/2018

"Very relaxed atmosphere" 19/01/2018

"Very good" 24/01/2018

"Excellent" 24/01/2018

"Comfortable" 26/01/2018

"Very friendly and welcoming" 26/01/2018

"Clean and friendly" 30/01/2018

"Very calm surroundings and polite and welcoming staff" 30/01/2018

"Very clean,quiet and greeted by friendly staff" 31/01/2018

"Modern and clean friendly reception staff " 02/02/2018

"Very welcoming, clean and well presented" 02/02/2018

"Modern and smart which gave me the impression of quality" 02/02/2018

"Nice clean building nice helpful staff" & "Very good treatment" 02/02/2018

"Pleasant and relaxed" 02/02/2018

"Very good" & "All good" 05/02/2018

"Nice relaxed atmosphere" 05/02/2018

"Very comfortable" 06/02/2018

"Great!!" & "Just hurt a bit!!" 07/02/2018

"Very modern" & "Really relaxing experience and friendly staff" 13/02/2018

"Very clean, bright, organized and welcoming" 13/02/2018

"Very nice" 13/02/2018

"Very clean and welcoming" 13/02/2018

"Atmosphere is very relaxing and Catherine good at putting me at ease" 16/02/2018

"Friendly and relaxed" & "All went well awaiting results feeling positive" 19/02/2018

"Professional and clean" 20/02/2018

"Good clean and tidy" & "Would have liked to know more about mechanics of treatment on the day A side grab rail on stepstool would help when being examined" 20/02/2018

"Good. Clean and efficient" 20/02/2018

"Very good" 20/02/2018

"Nice and friendly" 20/02/2018

"Very pleasant atmosphere" 20/02/2018

"Very nice" 23/02/2018

"Very welcoming. Relaxing reception area" 23/02/2018

"Clean and welcoming" & "Need croissants in the morning to be excellent" 27/02/2018

"Spotless and very welcoming" 27/02/2018

"Professional and friendly felt at ease" 27/02/2018

"Very friendly and professional" 28/02/2018

"Clean, tidy and very professional" 28/02/2018

"Pleasant environment. Staff welcoming" 05/03/2018

"Very friendly receptionist" 06/03/2018

"Very clean very professional" 06/03/2018

"Very professional and efficient" 07/03/2018

"Smart /professional" 07/03/2018

"Very good" 07/03/2018

"Clean and professional" 14/03/2018

"Very professional" 14/03/2018

"Very relaxed and welcoming" 16/03/2018

"Welcoming" 23/03/2018

"Clean and professional" 23/03/2018

"Very professional. Calming surroundings. Lovely staff" 27/03/2018

"Clean and stylish and a warm friendly welcome" 27/03/2018

"Friendly and professional" 28/03/2018

"As expected" 28/03/2018

"Friendly, Clean, Modern" 29/03/2018

"Bright and welcoming" & "Entirely satisfied" 04/04/2018

"Excellent,very happy" & "Really good" 05/04/2018

"Very nice, relaxed" & "Thank you" 10/04/2018

"Very welcoming" 11/04/2018

"Very friendly" 11/04/2018

"Very nice" 13/04/2018

"Very clean & friendly" 13/04/2018

"Very friendly and business like" 16/04/2018

"Very friendly and warm welcome. Comfortable and clean environment" 17/04/2018

"Warm welcome. Reception area bright & comfortable" 20/04/2018

"Very clean and bright" 20/04/2018

"Very nice" 20/04/2018

"Lots of steps!" 24/04/2018

"Very good" 24/04/2018

"Welcoming. Very nice reception area. Very pleasant staff" 25/04/2018

"Very welcoming" 27/04/2018

"Efficient and friendly" & "Excellent staff and service" 27/04/2018

"Welcoming clean nice décor" 27/04/2018

"Very welcoming, and relaxing" 27/04/2018

"Very clean and professional looking" 30/04/2018

"Very clean and welcoming" 30/04/2018

"Professional" 30/04/2018

"Excellent, professional and friendly" 30/04/2018

"Very relaxed" 01/05/2018

"Good" 02/05/2018

"Very clean, friendly and professional" & "Extremely pleased" 02/05/2018

"Lovely" 02/05/2018

"Friendly" & "I wish I had known about you years ago" 02/05/2018

"Very good" 02/05/2018

"Friendly and reassuring" 08/05/2018

"Very professional and calm" 08/05/2018

"Good, nice waiting area" 08/05/2018

"Clean and tidy and a well received welcome" 09/05/2018

"Very kind, warm and friendly" & "Put at ease by the very friendly nurse whilst having treatment" 11/05/2018

"Good" 11/05/2018

"Very good" 11/05/2018

"Welcoming, clean, pleasant environment" 11/05/2018

"Clean friendly staff" 11/05/2018

"Friendly, reassuring and professional" 14/05/2018

"Very relaxed but professional. Was made to feel reassured by all members of staff" & "All good" 14/05/2018

"Very friendly" 14/05/2018

"Good" 15/05/2018

"Thought it looked like an office but very clean" 15/05/2018

"Very clean and modern and relaxed" 18/05/2018

"Tidy and inviting" 18/05/2018

"Comfortable" 18/05/2018

"Very professional" & "I'm sorry for swearing" 21/05/2018

"Great very friendly" 22/05/2018

"Excellent first impression. Clean, smart & welcoming" 23/05/2018

"Good" 23/05/2018

"Clean and very welcoming" 23/05/2018

"Pleasant" 23/05/2018

"Very nice" 29/05/2018

"Professional set up, friendly and informative. Quite a small clinic but I recognise it is only specializing in one medical treatment" & "Very good set up" 29/05/2018

"Professional and friendly" 30/05/2018

"It was professional, calm and relaxed" 30/05/2018

"Good" 30/05/2018

"Very friendly receptionist" 31/05/2018

"Very professional" 06/06/2018

"It was professional and the service too" 06/06/2018

"Professionalism. Reassurring, can do attitude" 08/06/2018

"Nice, welcoming and clean" 08/06/2018

"Very nice and pleasant staff" 08/06/2018

"Very nice staff, very helpful" 08/06/2018

"Very welcoming and professional" 08/06/2018

"Very nice and clean and staff are really friendly" 08/06/2018

"Good" 12/06/2018

"Friendly" 12/06/2018

"Very impressed" & "Would highly recommend" 13/06/2018

"Very calm" 13/06/2018

"Very professional and clean, friendly and reassuring staff" 14/06/2018

"Professional" 14/06/2018

"Friendly, welcoming, clean" 19/06/2018

"Very clean and professional" 19/06/2018

"Friendly" 19/06/2018

"Good" 20/06/2018

"Very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere" & "Nurse was very reassuring and caring" 20/06/2018

"Very nice, friendly  and welcoming." 26/06/2018

"Friendly" 26/06/2018

"Very nice" 29/06/2018

"Professional. Clean." 29/06/2018

"Nice, clean, friendly staff" 02/07/2018

"Good and welcoming and made to feel comfortable" 02/07/2018

"Good, clean, friendly" 06/07/2018

"Professional environment. Polite staff. Excellent service" 09/07/2018

"Very positive and professional" 09/07/2018

"Very pleasant and frlendly" 09/07/2018

"Good" 11/07/2018

"Peaceful, calm and professional atmosphere" 11/07/2018

"Very friendly and professional" & "Very impressed" 11/07/2018

"Clean and friendly" 11/07/2018

"Very friendly" 11/07/2018

"Very nice, clean and friendly" 13/07/2018

"Very friendly and accommodating and welcoming" & "None" 13/07/2018

"Friendly and professional" 16/07/2018

"Clean, tidy, friendly. Clean very important." 16/07/2018

"Smart clean clinic" 17/07/2018

"Clean, calm and professional" 18/07/2018"Very pleasant and comfortable" 20/07/2018

"Very friendly staff, good atmosphere, very well kept area and clean" 20/07/2018

"Clean and professional" 20/07/2018

"Very friendly" 20/07/2018

"Professional and friendly" 24/07/2018

"Clean and tidy" 24/07/2018

"Professional" 27/07/2018

"Modern clean friendly staff" 31/07/2018

"Professional" & "Great service and professional throughout" 31/07/2018

"Clean and friendly" 31/07/2018

"Very friendly staff and lovely and clean" 31/07/2018

"Friendly and efficient" 31/07/2018

"Very nice relaxed atmosphere very helpful staff" 01/08/2018

"Friendly, relaxed, calm and professional" 01/08/2018

"Fine" 01/08/2018

"Really clearly explained procedure" 01/08/2018

"Beautiful building, friendly happy staff" 03/08/2018

"Very good and calm" 03/08/2018

"Clean professional" 03/08/2018

"Good" 06/08/2018

"Very pleasant and airy" 06/08/2018

"Professional" 06/08/2018

"Lovely and relaxed. Felt at ease" 10/08/2018

"Very welcoming" 10/08/2018

"Calm, professional,comfortable waiting area, friendly reception" 21/08/18

"Relaxed atmosphere" & "None" 22/08/2018

"Very clean and tidy, very welcoming staff" & "None" 22/08/2018

"Clean and tidy. Professional." 23/08/2018

"Welcoming, pleasant decor, friendly" 23/08/2018

"Welcoming friendly and professional" & "Excellent thank you" 23/08/2018