Varicose Vein Treatment Centre
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Our Quality Measures

We are absolutely determined to provide the highest possible quality of care to all our patients. We are very grateful to Ken Lownds of Zero Harm Healthcare Ltd who has helped us develop our comprehensive Safety Management and Quality Management Systems. Ken has worked for many years in the airline industry and is now committed to helping healthcare organisations learn from the enviable safety record of the airlines.

We have also looked at exemplars in measuring quality and safety in the health sector worldwide and have been impressed with the work done at Cincinnati Children’s hospital. Over the last 11 years they have been recording all safety events and plotting them on easy to interpret graphs. They are happy to share their results which are displayed on their website together with explanations of why the measures are important, how they measure, and what they are doing to improve. This enables targets to be set and measurement against such targets to constantly improve safety, quality and outcomes.

We have rather unashamedly copied the work done at this famous hospital and you will see below links to various important quality and safety measures over the last 5 years at Veincentre. We have also included progress over 5 years on some other measures like value for money. Like Cincinnati Children’s hospital we are leaders in our field and also happy to share our results with any visitor to this site.

Our commitment to quality improvement is embedded throughout our business, and the benefits are felt every day by our patients.

So, how do we measure up?

Please click on each of the following measures to reveal our performance over the last 5 years. We have set target levels based on the published literature to ensure that we are meeting and preferably exceeding the standards set by international comparable services.