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Case Study: Linda Robson

TV star of Loose Women Linda Robson thanks Veincentre for helping to cure her low self esteem.

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How did thread veins affect Linda?

Being in the public eye, Loose Women star Linda Robson grew increasingly self-conscious about her thread veins and decided to seek treatment with Veincentre.

Linda recalls how she would always keep her sarong close by on holidays, and when she was on the popular I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here, her thread veins were a constant area that she was keen to conceal, so there are no surprises to hear that her luxury item that she took into the jungle was her sarong.


When did Linda develop thread veins?

Birds of a Feather actress Linda said, “I first noticed the awful thread veins on my thighs after I had my third child Bobbie 26 years ago. I was always self-conscious about them and felt it was time to do something about them. Veincentre were absolutely fantastic and I’m delighted with the results.”


What treatment did Linda undergo at Veincentre?

Linda attended our London vein clinic and had a consultation and colour duplex ultrasound scan. The scan revealed that there was no evidence of venous reflux (faulty valves inside the veins causing varicose veins). Linda’s condition was entirely cosmetic, therefore a combination of foam sclerotherapy and microsclerotherapy was recommended to treat Linda’s veins. She then attended for an initial session of treatment, followed by further sessions to reach Linda’s desired cosmetic result. Linda is thrilled with the outcome of the treatment.

How can thread veins have an impact on patients’ lives?

Thread veins are very common yet treatable but many feel that they have to live with their insecurities due to self esteem being affected and people feeling like they have to hide their legs.

Dr Thoraya Ammar, Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Veincentre London who treated Linda, said, “Although thread veins rarely have a major effect on physical health, they can have a significant impact on confidence and self-esteem, which in turn has a negative impact on mental wellbeing and quality of life. Thread veins can cause patients to be very mindful of what they wear in order to hide their legs and can also limit healthy activities such as swimming, so treatment can be life changing and restore patients’ confidence.”


How have things been for Linda since her treatment?

Since having her thread veins treated, Linda enjoyed a holiday to Cyprus with her family and remarked that she was totally more confident in her own skin. We are delighted to have helped Linda regain her confidence and wish her well.

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